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Oct 26, 2007 01:38 PM

Jewish Deli Recommendation?

Hello - we will be in town for our grandmother's memorial service in Queens next weekend. Where in Queens, or in any of the boroughs really, can we take a small family gathering for a pleasant Jewish Deli-style meal?

Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

Thanks from Austin, TX

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  1. Ben's Of Bayside (718 229 2367) or Ben's Best, Rego Park (718 897 1700). Do a search and see if they have websites. I use Ben's Best since I don't have a car. Subway stops nearby. Ben's of Bayside requires a car. Neighbors in our building who have cars seem to prefer Ben's of Bayside. I hope you get other responses since I know other Deli's exist in Rego Park.

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    1. re: Mike V

      I went to Ben's in Rego Park for the first time about a month ago and I won't be going back. The food is mediocre at best, the sandwiches are stacked to look like more then they are (more in the middle less on the sides) and the pastrami had a bolonga taste to it. I took one bite of the microwaved potato pancakes (latkes) and didn't touch them again, hard as a rock, rubbery and inedible. I guess I've been spoiled by Katz Deli when it comes to pastrami. Just my 2 cents.

    2. I've not been myself but many really like this place and it may be convenient to your location.

      1. As Tay suggested, Deli Masters in Fresh Meadows is the place you want. Despite some grumbling from Ben's and Ben's Best loyalists, a recent visit confirmed that Deli Masters is the best in Queens for pastrami, corned beef, et al.

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          Thanks for the second on Deli Master's. I always get 'beaten up' by the Ben's lover's. I think there is a lot of continued confusion RE: Ben's and Ben's Best, or something to that effect. I also like Jay and Lloyd's in Brooklyn. The food is not as good as Deli Master's, but the owners and staff are soooo nice that it's always a pleasure to dine there. For some unknown to me reason, a lot of Deli's have staff that are unpleasent or downright surly. That doesn't sit well with me...

          1. re: Tay

            I love the corned beef at Deli Master!

        2. I saw Jay and Lloyds mentioned regarding Brooklyn. Being that Brooklyn has been brought to the conversation, I would highly recommend the Mill Basin Deli on 59th street and avenue T. I must agree with the comments about Ben's Deli.
          On one of my Sunday drives into Manhattan to do some shopping at B&H Photo, I got a parking spot right near the restaurant around 37th and 7th avenue.
          Boy, was I disappointed. Don't think i'll goto that location again. The matzoh ball soup had a large black hair in it (sent that back). And the pastrami and corned beef sandwich was way below par.

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          1. re: Howard_b2

            I vote for Jay and Lloyds on Avenue U.
            I like their corned beef and pastrami and their flanken.

          2. Well, it's a schlep from Queens, but if you're ever in the Bronx, Leibman's Deli on 235th and Johnson in Riverdale is a traditional Jewish deli, and a good one.