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Oct 26, 2007 01:38 PM

Sunday brunch in Frederick or thereabouts.

Heading out to Tarara Vineyards on Sunday with the boyfriend and his in-town-visiting mother.

I just found the notice on their website that apple-picking has ended for the year.
So, time spent apple-picking now could be spent walking around Frederick a bit before going wine-tasting (we're coming up from 270, then heading down towards Leesburg).

I did a search of previous posts for brunch spots in Frederick or the surrounding area and didn't find much, so does anybody have suggestions? Looking for something that's dressy-casual, mid-to-moderately high range in price, traditionally brunch-type stuff (nota bene: boyfriend's mother is allergic to seafood - while its smell and presence don't bother her, a menu that features only crabcakes and shrimp grits just might). The Tasting Room, unfortunately, is closed on Sundays, otherwise that would've been my first choice. Dutch's Daughter was mentioned - anybody been recently? Alternately, is there any place off of 270 worth venturing to?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The only places I can think of in downtown Frederick that serve Sunday brunch are Acacia and Firestone's. Acacia is probably the nicer of the two, but they are on the same block of Market St. so you can compare. Firestone's brunch starts at 10AM, while Acacia's doesn't start until 11:30.

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      Firestone's looks perfect, might have more non-seafood options too. I've passed by a few times and have been meaning to try, didn't know they did brunch as well. Appreciate the suggestion, Liz!