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Oct 26, 2007 01:25 PM

Bagels-Where, oh where, can you be(in Brooklyn)?

I only moved to Brooklyn a few weeks ago, and through a friend's suggestion, found the bagel Hole in Park Slope. I thought he bagels were great, but I'm a man who likes to have options. I live down in Bensonhurst, but don't mind a bit of traveling. Any places that have struck anyone's fancy?

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  1. jshaft78
    They're in Bay Ridge, not Bensonhurst, but I've found Bagel Boy on the corner of 3rd Ave and 80th St and the Bagel store on 86th St and 4th Ave. (I think it's called 5 Star bagels) to have pretty good bagels. Both have a high product turnover, something that really makes a difference when you're dealing with bagels. They both make good muffins and they both have very fresh cream cheese spreads. The store on 86th St has many different varieties. There used to be a really good bagel store on 17th Ave and 65th st, but I don't even know if it's still there.
    I haven't read it but perhaps this old thread will give you more information
    Happy munching! :-}

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      Oops! I forgot to include the Bagel Boy site. Here you go...

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        Try Bagel Factory on 17th and 4th. They have very fresh bagels and very high product turnover. Good selection of cream cheeses and different kinds of bagels. The coffee's only okay. Apart from the bagels, they have some pretty decent sandwiches.

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          Second the Bagel Factory. Ask them what's hot -- they often have bagels straight out of the oven.

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          I lived across the street from the Sheepshead Bay branch (Ocean Ave/Ave Z) for several years and I miss it terribly! They baked the bagels on racks that produced this special circular scoring that just made them a little bit crispier/chewier. I haven't found bagels like that anywhere else. I wonder if the other branches also have the 'scored' bagels?

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            yeah, bagel boy on ave z was my family's go to place once bagels r' us closed down across the street from sheepshead bay station (RIP).

      2. Court Street Bagels in Cobble Hill (181 Court). I think Bergen is the nearest subway stop.

        1. Many posters (myself included) will say pretty good things about Terrace Bagels in Windsor Terrace (PPW, aka 9Ave, between Windsor Pl and 16th St.). They're bigger and softer than Hole bagels, but they have a nice chew (when they're not undercooked, which they sometimes are). They also freeze well, which Hole bagels don't. But Bagel Hole is still the best bagel in the borough by far, IMHO(tep)

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            I've never had a problem freezing Bagel Hole's bagels. I slice them in half all the way through and keep them in plastic bags.

          2. Windsor Terrace bagels are my absolute favorite. May be slightly less authentic, but boy are they good.

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              ditto terrace bagels - they're the ones the coop (PSFC) sells. pumperknickel are my fave.

            2. Bagels on Kings Highway between East 16th and 17th Street, right by McDonalds. Better than Bagel Hole.