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Oct 26, 2007 01:11 PM

New Chef at Providence....

who has tried it? The scallop ceviche with truffles last week was to die for.

anyone else notice a difference in the TM?


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  1. I hadn't heard that Providence has a new chef. Michael Cimarusti is still Executive Chef and co-owner. The scallop ceviche with truffles has been appearing on the tasting menu for a long time.

    Are you thinking of Michel Richard, who was a guest chef there recently? If he's who you're referring to, I believe he is pegged to take on the Executive Chef position at Social.

    1. They just promoted Yumin Lin to chef de cuisine; M. Richard was a "one night only" gig

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        1. re: terencio

          if my memory serves me ( lately it doesn't ) correctly, M Richard used to have a restaurant at the PRovidence location....
          M. Richard is going to work at Social ?!??! Why ?

          1. re: kjs

            If were talking about the same M. Richard his restaurant was located where RED PEARL KITCHEN is now on Melrose and it was called CITRUS. Intermezzo's were ALEX , ? and MESON G.
            The Restaurant where Providence is used to be Patina and previously Le Saint Germain (which I really liked)

            1. re: russkar

              That's right !!! thanks for refreshing my memory....and i remember ALEX...what happened to that chef...i ate there once...i liked it ! Citrus...i loved that restaurant too...he opened a place in santa barbara...ctronelle...something like that...had a delicious ahi tuna sandwich was amazing...though the lobster club at postrio is probably on the top of my list for fancy-schmancy sandwiches....i never ate at meson g or red pearl and i won't...i've boycotted any restaurant affiilated with that husband/wife team

              1. re: kjs

                Alex got married and moved back to London. Once again LA wasn't supportive enough of one of our better Restaurants at that time.
                It seems most of the new Restaurants are big Corporations or Investors and just worry about the bottom line vs. serving state of the art food.

              2. re: russkar

                Citrus, good memories.. and that was at the start of the open kitchen and chefs tables in Los Angeles.. They even had a camera and television set up.. I loved that place in its prime.. Must be 15 years ago or so..