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Oct 26, 2007 01:07 PM

Delivery in Mt. Vernon Area?

Hello All!

I injured myself @ work and cannot walk much or drive at all right now. Therefore I cannot cook or go grocery shopping. So I was wondering if there are any restaurants that deliver in the Mt. Vernon area of Baltimore? I am familiar with Al Pacino and Never on Sunday but I was wondering if there are any more options. Thanks!

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  1. Cazbar on N. Charles used to deliver, don't know if they still do. 410-528-1222. Kumari - Nepalese and Indian also had free delivery 410-547-1600

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      Thanks! Keep 'em coming if there are any more

    2. Here is a post from Dec '06. It might need some updating.

      1. Joe Squared delivers to Mt. Vernon. Yungs is decewnt American-Chinese food. viccinos Pizza (prefer it over Never on sundays). I'm not a big delivery person but those are some I can tihnk of off-hand.