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Oct 26, 2007 12:34 PM

Summer Shack(Dalton St) Tonight

Spur of the moment, Im reciprocating a birthday dinner tonight & friend has picked the SS. I know it's not a CH fav. For myself, I'm thinking apps of fried oysters &/or fried clams. What else can you suggest? Does Jasper's pan fried lobster live up to the hipe?

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  1. I've always been pleased sticking with apps at the Alewife location. Get a few oysters to start and then see what app specials they have -- last time they had grilled clams with garlicky butter. Really good.

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    1. re: yumyum

      I've enjoyed the grilled clams as well. If you're in the mood, it's hard to screw up a boiled lobster, at least if you're "in the biz" like they are.

    2. If money is not an issue, the pan fried lobster can be really good. I don't know what it is about the chervil and booze, but it really enhances the taste of the lobster. I usually steam/boil them at home, but I were going to splurge...

      If sharing, the fried clam plate can be better value than the app portion. I've had good oysters there as well.

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      1. re: chowfamily

        I've had the pan-fried lobster and loved it. A unique flavor that gives the lobster great taste, somehow. I always start with raw oysters at SS. Although others here don't agree with me, I love SS. Never had a bad meal in many visits.

      2. The Rhode Island calamari is actually quite good. I believe they sell it as an appetizer.

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          Late to the table but I have found the SS to have the best and most fresh oysters around. And the fried chicken is very good as well. Not sure why the SS gets a bad rap around here but based on my own experience, the only time it was lousy was when he first opened. Since then, I have found them to be consistently good.

          1. re: RandyL

            I've been to the Cambridge Summer Shack at least four times over the last two years because we have a relative who seems to enjoy going. I sure don't, sorry to say. Have gotten grilled or baked fish which was dry and overcooked each time. The corn dog had a leaden coating that was greasy and flavorless, and the coating on the fried seafood wasn't much better. The sides were dull and forgettable. The Indian pudding was disgracefully bad (both in texture and flavor) and topped with soft serve instead of real vanilla ice cream. The prices were outrageous and the place itself was unpleasantly noisy.

            Nowadays, I just try and get the family member in question to go elsewhere with us. I think the place is simply awful.

            1. re: bachslunch

              I have never been a fan due to the atmosphere not the food. That said, I went to the dalton st location saturday night for a a lobster roll. It was excellent. Sweet lobster, hardly any mayo. a little crunch (someone told the they chop up a cuke not a celley, is this true???), nice, large toasted roll. Fries were hot and crisp. Started with the RI calamari. It was very crisp with just the right amound of oil. Lots of tourists and children but I knew there would be. I would go back!