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Oct 26, 2007 12:31 PM

Landmarc TWC - Salty food

Anyone been recently? I went the other day and found the food way too salty. My salad was actually crunchy with salt and my burger, which usually is one of the best in town, was drowning in salt. Anyone else experience this problem? Plus, they have raised the prices. . .

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  1. We love Landmarc but agree that they can get a little too salty especially the fries which I normaly love. Still think it is a great value

    1. I've heard that the hangar steak at Landmarc is good. Any opinions on that?

      1. I haven't yet had a problem with too much salt. But to answer the other poster's question about the hangar steak. On one occasion I found it excellent. It was chewy and very flavorful. ON another occasion I found it too tough and sent it back and was brought a strip steak which was very good.

        So if for some reason you have a problem, just send it back, they are very good about it.

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