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Oct 26, 2007 12:30 PM

Thai Town Must Tries

I will be in LA next week and have never been to Thai Town. I am looking for recommendations on what to try and where to get it. I am not looking for pad thai or "americanized" thai food - unless it is truly something special and unique. Will only be there M-F so temples are probably not a possibility. Thanks!

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  1. I'll suggest JITLADA on north side of Sunset east of Western (I think). An extensive menu of traditional thai options, also has a little more of a substantial sitdown atmosphere than many of the smaller cafes in the neighborhood.

    Serves beer, which is not an automatic in Thai-town.

    1. I'd second Jitlada; make sure you look for the So. Thai specialty menu on the back page. Ruen Pair, Palms, maybe. I'd also think seriously about a jaunt to North Hollywood, which is quickly turning into "New Thai Town" restaurant-wise. Unfortunately, the weekend food court at the Thai temple is gone, or at least on indefinite hold, so you'll miss that experience...

      1. Not sure where you are coming from, but if Thai snacks and sweets are new to you, I highly recommend checking out Bhan Kanom Thai, which is in the same stripmall on Hollywood as Red Corner Asia and Ruen Pair. Since you are going during the week, they won't have any kanom guay chai (chinese dumplings) - a staple in my house, but only available on the weekend. But, poke around that shop and be sure to check out the foods on top of the counters in plastic trays. The lineup changes but they often have green mango with a sweet/spicy dip. They also have various kinds of sweetened sticky rice, including one with a good custard on top. I also like the khao niow bping - sticky rice grilled in a banana leaf, stuffed with either banana or taro.

        Bhan Kanom Thai
        5271 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027