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Oct 26, 2007 12:30 PM

Charlotte: Flying Biscuit Cafe - No Bueno

I've been anxiously awaiting the opening of The Flying Biscuit Cafe @ Stonecrest in South Charlotte. I stopped by recently and they weren't opened but the friendly gentleman there gave me a menu and chatted w/ me. I met a woman from Atlanta who said that I'll love the place and she was excited it was coming here. The menu looks interesting. Breakfast served all day, lots of eggs, sausage, turkey bacon, black bean cakes, whole grain rolls, muffins, pancakes, etc. The concept seemed charming. A lady named Delia opened the first Flying Biscuit in Atlanta after working many years in the industry as a waitress, etc. They tell this endearing tale on the back of their menus about Miss Delia and the opening day of her cafe and how they ran out of biscuits.

So opening day here in Charlotte was Tuesday. I went in today, Friday. I know that you are supposed to give a place a couple of months, to work out the kinks, before you go in but I just couldn't wait! I even waited until 1:45, for the lunch crowd to die down, before going in. It was packed! The staff was friendly and directed me to the bar area to place my to-go order. The place is whimsically decorated. Bright colors walls, crazy table cloths (mats), and stars and clouds and animals painted on the acoustic ceiling tiles. It was cute, but their was a definite commercial vibe. I ordered the 3B chicken sandwich and the "Side of Love" black bean cakes. I had a choice of salad, soup or potatoes w/ the sandwich and ordered the salad. I also had a diet coke. Bill totaled $15.14. I waited a short time and was given my food and left. I had a very short drive home. I opened the two to-go containers and was completely unimpressed w/ the presentation. The black bean cakes looked down right gross. Two thin black & brown cakes sprinkled w/ large pieces of bermuda onion w/ three to-go containers containing feta cheese, tomatillo salsa and sour cream. They tasted okay, but I probably wouldn't order them again... no yum factor. The sandwich was packaged w/ a side of potatoes, not what I had ordered. No salad. The potatoes were very obviously frozen and had a hint of rosemary but were similiar to the diced fried potatoes you'd get at IHOP. Ick. The sandwich had a large, grilled chicken breast w/ a sprinkle of fresh basil, crumbled blue cheese and two strips of turkey bacon on a whole grain bun. Bland and boring. The only thing I tasted was the blue cheese. The meal came with a biscuit and a small container of cranberry apple butter. The biscuit was again forgettable and the butter was not bad.

The other food I saw going out was equally unimpressive in appearance. Everything just looked so commercial. Such a shame b/c when I read the menu I wanted to try one of everything.

I'll give it another go in a few weeks, but I'm fairly certain I build it up much bigger in my mind then what they are in reality. I'm curious about what others experience was?

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  1. Thanks for the info. I must say I'm not surprised to hear of your experience, as FBC was bought in May, 2006 by Raving Brands, the corporate restaurant concept company that brought us Moe's, Shanes Rib Shack, etc. and they are now franchising them. In its day, Flying Biscuit was a wonderful place, but even before being sold, it was going downhill.

    1. My first reaction to your review was that the commercial, phony concept will be a huge hit in the Stonecrest area where it will blend in seamlessly with everything else down there. But upon seeing the price you paid, I don't know how well it will do. It has to compete against that other corporate gem, Nothing But Noodles. Honestly, if I'm down there and hungry, I get a pretzel at Target.

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        You just cracked me up... "other corporate gem, Nothing But Noodles"... HA! Yeah, ya know it was a tad pricey but I imagine it will still do well. It seems as though most folks in these parts have dull taste buds.

        I didn't know, as carolinadawg mentioned, that they were bought by a franchise company. But it makes perfect sense. I read some of the old posts about the Atlanta locations and it sounds as though it was good once upon a time but the money makers ruined it. Too bad.

      2. I live in Atlanta and remember when the original Flying Biscuit opened. While it had it's ups and downs, it was always one of our reliable choices for inexpensive, non-chain meals. We were totally bummed when it was sold, especially to Raving Brands, a company that seems hell bent on mowing over the independently owned restaurants in our city. Your experience sounds similar to what the 'Biscuit offers in Atlanta today. What a drag.

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        1. re: potterybliss

          what other restaurants does Raving Brands own? I think the owner might possibly be from NC.

          1. re: webvanman

            Raving Brands owns Mama Fu's, Planet Smoothie, Shane's Rib Shack, Flying Biscuit, Boneheads, PJ's Coffee, and Monkey Joe's. Moe's was their biggest concept, but they sold it to Focus Brands, another Atlanta company that also owns Carvel, Cinnabon, Seattle's Best Coffee, and Schlotzsky's.

            I believe Martin Sprock, the head of Raving Brands, is in fact from NC. UNC grad, IIRC.

            1. re: HopDevil

              Thanks HopDevil. Thats what I had thought but just wanted confirmation. That guy has made a killing in the restaurant business. I think he started out in Wilmington/WB area.

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                Not that it matters too much, but Seattle's Best has been owned by Starbucks since 2003.

                1. re: concordcourtney

                  True. I should have said Focus Brands is the franchisor of Seattle's best in some markets.

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                    Ah, I didn't know that part myself. :) But I'm a Seattle transplant and I remember when Starbucks bought Seattle's Best. It caused a HUGE kerfuffle at the time, which is why that strange bit of knowledge sticks with me.

          2. Hate to admit it but we were going to Nothing But Noodles and got invited in for the soft opening on Monday. I had the scrambled eggs and my wife had one egg over easy. Both were overcooked. Outside of that, the person who said it was like an IHOP was spot on. Commercial comfort food, no different that Dennys or Bob Evans. The service was great though.

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              Please be nice to Nothing But Noodles! I regret my earlier post. I actually know the owners of the Charlotte franchise and they are in the midst of a medical emergency you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. God bless them!

            2. Yes, I remember when the original FB opened and it was a good, fun place to gather and get some homestyle grub and catch up with the local neighborhood folks - as with many things "progress" has taken its toll