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Oct 26, 2007 12:07 PM

Pat's or Shilo's (both on Pico) for a Kosher steak dinner?

My high school friend is coming to town and craving a Kosher steak dinner. Pat's and Shilo's (both on Pico) are the two names that I know (I have been to neither). Is one better than the other, or is there yet another recommendation?

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  1. The Prime Grill. I haven't been, but I know people who like the one in NY. If you go I would love to here what you think of the place.

    The Prime Grill
    421 N Rodeo Dr
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    Phone: (310) 860-1233

    1. I've never been to Shilo, but I have been to Pat's many times and it is always fantastic - food, service, everything. Make sure you make a reservation though, they are busy every night.

      I've also been to Prime Grill and think it's terribly overpriced and the service was considerably lacking (though I was there only a month after it first opened, and service does/should tend to improve over time). But if you want a steakhouse type of menu & atmosphere, Prime Grill has that.

      La Gondola in mid-Wilshire is also wonderful. I had a great steak there.

      But Pat's is my #1 choice.

      1. Like LisaS - I have not been to Shilos but I have been to Pat's and Prime Grill - Pat's is excellent both in service and food - The Prime Grill in Beverly Hills - it is expensive but I do not think it is overpriced - I really enjoyed my meal - starting with the 'sliders' and finishing with the Black Angus rib steak cooked to perfection - also evidently Prime Grill is supposedly one of the in places to be see and be seen -

        1. I have been to Shilo's, but not Pat's. The steaks are definetely huge and it's not super expensive but I didn't find it to be anything too special. Also, the service was horrible-the waiter was very rude, and I don't usually find myself complaining about service!

          1. I'm listening!
            Thanks to everyone who has posted!