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Oct 26, 2007 12:02 PM

water & wine, watchung

any recent reviews? been wanting to try here, idk looks ok but never read anything on it.

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  1. ah water & wine..great memories.
    food was okay, entertainment well, entertaining
    but the memories of watchung: priceless

    worth a trip

    1. i actually ate there last night!..what a beautiful setting on the lake..i had ceaser salad and snapper with potato crust..friends had pork chops (huge portion)..good cheesecake for dessert..great drinks,,they also own la griglia in kennilworth that they said was just redecorated and is gorgeous.

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        thanks, i think we'll check it out. HillJ they have entertainment?

        1. re: nyebaby37

          yes. ebbs & flows with talent thru the door but you can follow their schedule online. last time I was there (at least a year ago) a easy rock/folk duo performed.

      2. I could swear I wrote a review of this place a few months ago, but I can't find it... What I remember: The setting inside and out is very pretty. The service was professional- a little old school, but not stiff at all. We were taken care of by woman who's youthful appearance belied her wine knowlege... but may have contributed to her enthusiasm for the subject! If my wife or I still worked in hotels/restaurants we would have tried to steal her away:) We were a party of 3+ 1 infant. The staff all cooed appropriately at the kid.

        I don't remember much about the food... except that it was very good. I know I liked what everyone had. Not much help there, sorry.

        I do remember the prices being higher than I anticipated. I guess the Watchung crowd dosen't mind. If I had the dough to go more often, I would. I could see this being a nice place to become a regular at, for those close by. But the prices make it a "special" place for me, and there are so many other places to try, that I probably won't be back soon. Now if anyone wants to take me, that's a different story!