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Oct 26, 2007 12:00 PM

That quirky Portland snack

Yo! Here's the deal - I'm going to be in Portland for the first time next Mon/Tues and though I don't have tons of spare time I would love to sneak off for a treat.

So is there something unusual or exceptional that only a local might know? I'm not talking about a full meal - something take-outable is more to the point. Weird combo of ingredients is good, cross-over ethnic, sandwich - whatever so long as its either A: worth checking out because it's unusual or B: worth checking out cause it's just so darn good.

I'm staying at the Lucia - I guess that's, what, downtown? Nearby helps. If you got ideas this traveling hound would be grateful to hear 'em.



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  1. Well ... entertaining might include Voodoo Donuts - nothing terrbily quirky about a donut but its quite a place (their tag line "the magic is in the hole"). For some fun treats try Elephants Deli on 21st (I think its 21st ... check at the front desk ... and its fairly close to the Lucia). Enjoy the sun ... it wont be here for long!

    1. Check out Blueplate Soda Fountain, sodas made onsite, killer milkshakes and comfort food. Everything available to go. Near Lucia between 3rd & 4th on Washington.

      Are you a coffee drinker? Go directly to Stumptown.

      There are tons of great ethnic food carts downtown. Check out this guide.

      Welcome to Portland, enjoy your visit!

      1. Cacao for chocolates and drinking chocolate:

        Kenny and Zuke's Deli for awesome pastrami, etc.: