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Oct 26, 2007 11:23 AM

Lunch between PDX and Hood River or Mt. Hood

Hi all,

I'm arriving at PDX tomorrow at around lunch time and plan to drive straight to Hood River (either along the Columbia River Gorge or around Mt. Hood). I'm wondering if anyone has any good lunch suggestions along either of those routes, but closer to PDX (we'll probably want to eat within a half hour of arriving).

Looking for something non-fancy, but good. Open in terms of cuisine, but would prefer something unique or unique to the area (breweries or northwest cuisine are both good option). We're coming from the SF Bay Area, so we'd prefer something other than Asian, Indian, Mexican...

Thanks all!


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  1. A brewery in Hood River.....great sandwiches & really good pizzas...and of coarse great beers.

    kim @ apizza scholls

    1. I always enjoy lunch at Char Burger, exit Cascade Locks. Homemade type food, lots of desserts (pies), gift shop and a fabulous view of the Columbia River. Locks-Hood River/45039