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Oct 26, 2007 11:23 AM

Minneapolis - Apple cider donuts

Hello! I just moved here from the Bay Area. Word on the street is that the best fall treat is a cider donut, yet no one seems to be selling them. Is this something you have to go to the orchard to get? Thank you!

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  1. Daphne, welcome to fly-over land! Apple cider doughnuts are very rare in these parts - I've never seen them in a bakery. Rumor has it that there's an apple stand at the St. Paul Farmer's Market that sometimes has these delights, but the market might be closed for the season. (If it's still open, I'll bet that this weekend is its last gasp.)

    Someone in this thread spotted apple cider doughnuts at an apple orchard in Minnetonka:

    Good luck - and if you find any apple cider doughnuts, please report back! They're a particular passion of mine.


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      I get mine at McDougall's Apple Junction (my favorite orchard) near Hastings.

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        The St Paul Farmer's market is year round with limited hours: 9-12 Sat. only Dec-April for sure, and starting sometime after the Nov. 3rd market. There's not much to buy but meat, eggs, bread and cheese in the depths of winter.
        And yes, the rumor is true, I have eaten the cider donuts from the St. Paul Farmer's Market, but what's even better is unpasteurized cider. It's the best tasting cider ever.

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          Anne, I plan to try out the St. Paul Farmer's market this weekend and I will indeed report back...I'm also going to check out the apple orchard variety, which I have been told are the most authentic!


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            Anne and Quince,

            Well, I went to the St. Paul Farmer's Market this morning and got myself a half gallon of cider and a dozen cider donuts from Bob's Bluebird Apple orchard. Cider donuts are fantastic: tender & dense, not too sweet, and fact maybe just a slight tang from the buttermilk beneath the cinnamon and sugar...but no pronounced cider flavor??? I love a cake donut. The raw cider is also wonderful. I meant to take a photo of the stand, but forgot my, here instead is a photo of the donuts.

            I never, in reference to the other post above, made it out to any of the orchards...I'll have to save that for the next donut run.

            Also, there was still a lot of produce at the market and plenty of cheese, meat, and honey.

            1. re: Daphne

              You know, I just had a thought- I've had my share of 'apple cider doughnuts' that
              didn't taste that much like cider, just kind of spicy. Maybe,,,,just maybe...they
              are named as such because they are to be EATEN WITH, OR DUNKED IN,
              the apple cider. Or it could just be that the cider doesn't flavor them in such an
              obvious way.