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Oct 26, 2007 11:06 AM

Seeking a good lunch around 183/290/Cameron Road area...

We're looking for a nice "Austinish" place to have lunch. Our office is located at 290/183 but we can head out to I-35 area....... The only places I know about are things like Chili's and Bennigans but we don't want a chain. I know that Ninfa's is nearby and that's a possibility.... but I wanted to collect other ideas. Anyone?

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  1. I've always wanted to try Thai Village for lunch (I 35S, south of 290 in Lincoln Village. Here is the menu

    When I'm in unknown territoty, I usually go to Google maps, type in an address for my location, then hit "find businesses." If you type "restaurants," then you get every freaking restaurant int he area. A search like that for 290 and I35 yields a ton of interesting results. Here are two that I've never been to that jumped out at me:

    That Gyrls Chicken Shack - more info »
    5933 Westminster Dr, Austin, TX
    (512) 933-9218 - 1.4 mi SW
    Category: Restaurants

    Sabores Seafood & Clam Bar - more info »
    7517 Cameron Rd, Austin, TX
    (512) 371-3877 - 1.0 mi W

    Interestingly, that search does not reveal a little mexican place in Capitol Plaza (Cameron Road). Can't remember the name, but I love their costillas and caldo. It's near the breezeway where you can travel from the back of the stores on Cameron to the front of the stores.

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      You're thinking of Amaya's. Mmmmm.....

    2. Take 'em to The Parlour on North Loop. That pizza joint's about as far from a chain as you can get.

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        I'm pretty sure only the 'new' Parlor @ Guadalupe and 43rd is open for lunch. Same great pizza.

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          Dumb question -- which Parlor? I'm confused now...

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            Here are the 2 locales:

            100 B. North Loop Blvd. (512) 454-8965 (pretty sure it opens at 11am everyday


            4301 Guadalupe St. & 43rd. (512) 323-0440 (think it opens early evening)

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              The North Loop location isn't there any more, I don't think. It's a scooter shop or something, now.

              1. re: KPeff

                I'm 99% sure it's up and running on North Loop

      2. There are some great choices in that area, one of them being The Captain's Oyster Bar, a longtime Austin tradition, great ice cold oysters on the half shell, great boiled shrimp, great friend shrimp, great mugs of beer, overall a great choice, and just on the access to IH 35. Another great choice in that area is Baby Acapulcos, not so much for the food which is mundane, but the sangria margaretas are killer! two with lunch and who cares about the rest of the work day! Another really good choice is little mexican food place at Lamar and 183 called El Rancho Grande. They have really good carne guisada, some of the best in town in my opinion. Finally there is Kim Phung just a block south of the intersection fo lamar and 183, she is consistently voted the best pho house in Austin, and she really does deserve credit for making pho and bun popular in Austin.

        1. FWIW, the North Loop Parlor is still open; the scooter shop is on the other end of the plaza next to Monkeywrench Books. But it's not really in the area requested.

          Sushi Japon on I-35N between 290 and 183 is pretty good, and has some good lunch specials.

          There's also Taqueria Los Jalisciences, by the Econo Lodge on 290.

          Sushi Japon
          6801 N I H 35, Austin, TX