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Oct 26, 2007 10:37 AM

Favorite brand of Herbes de Provence? [Moved from Boston Area board]

I have tried two different brands of Herbes de Provence and wanted to hear what other cooks like the best.
My personal favorite (of the two I've tried) is Morton and Bassett. It has a good balance of flavors and the lavender is subtle but definitely discernible.

I just bought Williams Sonoma, which is fair, but the fennel seed is whole, making it overpower the other flavors.

What is your favorite brand?

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  1. Post this over on Home Cooking and you'll get many more responses. But to keep it Boston-local, I've been enjoying my HdP from Atlantic Spice company, on Cape Cod.

    I use it for everything ... it's my "go-to" spice mix when I can't think of what to add.

    1. My pa-in-law used to import a brand called (as I remember) Les Anysetieres du Roy, that came in lumpy little beige ceramic pots. While he was doing that (AND importing Pommery mustard as well!) we were assured of a steady supply. The last kind I got was a one-pound plastic zip-lock bag from Surfas in Culver City, no brand - it cost just $5.50, and I keep it in the freezer to replenish the small jar in the cupboard. I use it a lot on roasted chicken, meat and potatoes. It was good on pan-roasted cod, too.

      1. I like Penzeys, but I like most of their spices.

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          Second Penzeys--if you don't have a store nearby they are online. I really like the fact that everything can be bought in the little jars, so you don't have a big jar of something obscure and expensive going flat in a few months.