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Oct 26, 2007 10:37 AM

Japanese grocery?


I'm looking for a place that sells Japanese food/grocery items like rice crackers, Furikake (rice seasonings), the Montreal area or south shore.


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  1. I haven't been recently but there is a Japanese grocery story on Sherbrooke, diagonally across the street from Marche Akahvan.

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    1. re: maisonbistro

      You can get a lot of good Japanese products at the Asian shop that is just above Cinema du Parc in the same mall. Not sure what it is called but I've bought good ingredients for sukiyaki there (including yam noodles) and they have inexpensive big bags of rice crackers. Otherwise the Korean shop is very good.

      1. re: Plateaumaman

        The place is called Eden or Fruiterie Du Parc. There seems to be some confusion.

    2. Miyamoto Japanese Grocery
      in between Burton & Somerville
      (Cross Street: Somerville AV and Victoria AV)
      Phone: 514 481-1952

      1. Miyamoto on Victoria is ridiculously overpriced. Even by Westmount standards. I remember trying to shop there & actually having to put items back on the shelf because I just couldn't lower myself to pay what they were asking for basic items. There are a number of good groceries in Chinatown. There is a marche Kim Phat on Tashereau on the south shore which is at least twice the size of all the others. And there is another market on Sources Blvd on the West Island (past Adonis)

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          It really depends on what you're buying - but I wouldn't call them ridiculously overpriced at all. I find their prices to be fair for most Japanese products - not necessarily so for Chinese stuff, which would definitely be cheaper in Chinatown. For example, they have real Japanese soy (even my favourite organic one), not the made in North America stuff, which you can't easily find elsewhere, and their products (or at least those I buy on a regular basis) are fresh.

          1. Yup, both Miyamoto & Korean Grocery are great for Japanese ingredients. Miyamoto tends to be more expensive so if you're in the West End I'd try Korean Grocery first. I posted a list w/addresses & phone no's here:


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              There's also a pretty good Japanese grocery store on Decarie just south of Sherbrooke (next to "play it again" sports). They aren't too great for the fresh stuff, but I find they have a bigger selection of prepackaged goods than the places mentioned above.

              1. re: Moosemeat

                Yup, I believe that's on my list linked from the above post:
                New Ja Mae - 2116, boulevard D├ęcarie 514-489-9777

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                  This is a Korean grocer, but they do have a good selection of Japanese items. They also have a newer locale on St. Catherine near fort.

                1. re: mmmfood2007

                  Quick note that I am appropriating form an other list:
                  There's a very large, terrific Korean (and Japanese) grocery store on St. Catherine Street West and Chomedey. Metro stop Atwater.
                  I don't know if they have exactly what you are looking for, but I have found they have a good selection of japanese staples. though their fresh veggies worry me a bit.

                  1. re: dragon_phly

                    I agree with your comment about their fresh veggies. I think their zucchini was labelled something like "green zukini" once. Fortunately, PA is close by for a cheap supply for that sorta thing, and there are also Asian vegetables available in the basement at DragonMart across from PA on Du Fort.

                    1. re: dragon_phly

                      I found Natto there yesterday. They also make sushi with Korean pickles every day - very popular and usually gon by mid afternoon.

                      1. re: bmaurene

                        It's not sushi, it's kimbap. It's closer to onigiri than sushi.