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Oct 26, 2007 10:24 AM

El Sol in east end

anyone been? any good?

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  1. Pretty good Mexican food. But beware - the service is atrociously slow. Two visits and we gave up after the second one.

    1. Haven't been there but here's some menu info on their website, which is also slow -

      El Sol
      1448 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1N4, CA

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        Holy cow! You're not kidding about the website. Yikes.

      2. What I said on another thread:
        I claim no expertise whatsoever in this regard. This is an instance of "I have no clue, but it tastes good". I like El Sol, on the Danforth. A trio of us went there about a month ago, and it was really quite good. The portions were Huge (this is not a criterion of much interest to me normally, but this was exceptional - I was afriad that we were under-ordering, but we all had doggy bags). They had interesting items like cactus salad. The menudo was quite satisfying. The chicken mole I thought could have been more nuanced (that I have had before) but still nice. The service was friendly and helpful. The guac wasn't too heavy - nice limey zing, nice texture.

        The service does have a reputation for being slow, but there were two other small tables the night that we were there, and the service was not stellar, but OK. I'm sorry that I can remember the dishes that the others had.

        1. The food is very good. I have eaten there many times. They have several platters that give you a very broad and generous selection. You'll have enought to take home for sure. And not suprisingly the service is authentically Mexican. If you are a gringo in a hurry, you'll be better off going somewhere else.