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Oct 26, 2007 10:21 AM

M&M Ribs in Roxbury

I went to M&M Ribs in Roxbury today and got some take-out for lunch. The truck was easy to find on Hampden Street. I saw the truck parked in the lot and a cloud of smoke coming from their smoker. I got a rib dinner with double side order of mac&cheese. The ribs were very tender, juicy and covered in bbq sauce. Their mac&cheese was also very good. They give you plenty of good food for a great price. You can get a fried chicken sandwich for $4.50. The people were also very friendly. I will definately return to M&M Ribs. I would never had known about M&M Ribs if it wasn't for Chowhound!

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  1. I went yesterday and am heating some up as we speak. For the first time, I tried the chopped pork(like pulled pork but chopped). Very very good. I put some of the sauce from the ribs on it. I haven't tried their chix sandwich yet, but love their wings. One compaint...they're too convenient for me to get to on my way home from work. I'm addicted!

    1. I'm a huge fan...I've been trying to go through their entire menu. But they keep doing these daily specials that derail me from making headway. I still haven't done any of their wings. The latest was a grilled pork sandwich for $5 that filled me up nicely and tasted very good. Before that was a special on a BBQ steak tip sandwich also for about 5 bucks. Not bad...very peppery which is good, and slathered with their excellent BBQ sauce. But steak tips are somewhat limited for me. Their pulled or chopped anything is have to try their chopped brisket...the only non-dry brisket it town.