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Oct 26, 2007 09:59 AM

Brunch - Balthazar or Stanton Social?

I know they are completely different. I have read every post on each place in the past two hours. But I just want a direct show down: if you have a choice between going to one of them this Saturday, which one would you go to? Why?


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  1. Do you have reservations? The wait for Balthazar can be painful...

    1. I didn't really like Balthazar. I know, I know.

        1. re: AppleSpam

          two votes stanton social, balthazar much hyped

        2. oh no I have to disagree...yes Balthazar is hyped to some extent and ridiculously crowded...but the food is on a whole other level as compared to stanton social. i cannot forget the sour cream hazelnut waffles with berries. sigh.

          1. Having not been to Stanton Social (have popped my head in) and having been to Balthazar many times, I'd go to Balthazar - I've always had a great meal there, love the steak tartare, the plateau de fruit de mers, and have always had excellent service. I wouldn't go to Stanton Social because it strikes me (and I know I say this having not been there) as over hyped, trendy and a lot of mixed reviews about the food. I love spending a weekend afternoon at Balthazar, especially if you start around 2pm or so.

            I'm actually cooking the short ribs from the Balthazar cookbook tonight!

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              Balthazar gets my vote. Highly deserves the hype- stantons wait staff is some of the rudest of NYC- or it was when i went a year ago, so that could all be changed. Also, th e food is only OK. Balthazar, which I've had almost everything on their brunch menu (We get delivered from them all the time) is consistantly wonderful.