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Oct 26, 2007 09:47 AM

Kecap Manis

Anyone know where to buy this condiment, commonly referred to as Insonesian Soy Sauce, in Toronto? I was thinking T&T, but would like a confirmation that it exists here and I don't have to smuggle it from Dubai in a few months.
I'm also in the US often so if I can source it there, great.

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  1. It's available at T&T on Steeles for sure. Nowadays I see various brands at larger Asian grocery stores. ABC, Bangau, Condimex etc.

    1. I've never been to a grocery store in Chinatown and Chinatown East that didn't have it. In my experience, though, it's not located next to the soy sauces, but typically in the general vicinity (i.e. same aisle) of them. You'll probably have to browse around a little to find it, but it should be there.

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        If you are close to Burlington there is a Dutch store in Rosedale Plaza(can't remember the name, but it's the intersection of Guelph Line and New St., south of the QEW), that sells a range of Indonesian sauces. including kecap manis.

      2. It shows up in some of the more adventurous Loblaws sometimes. More regularly, you can find the Conimex brand of products at the House of Spice on Augusta. Ketjap Manis, Ketjap Asin, Sambal Oelek, etc.

        1. Just at T&T (Steeles / Warden) yesterday, and they have MANY brands of Kecap Manis available. I would assume this is the same at all their stores. It's a common ingredient in Asian / Indian cooking.

          1. I just saw Kecap Manis at the T&T on Cherry St.