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Oct 26, 2007 09:42 AM

instant yeast question

i just noticed that the package of instant yeast that i have says it should be refrigerated after opening. it's been open for a few months without refrigeration. do i need to get another package of it? or can it still be used? thank you!

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  1. I would get another... just to be safe. Those little guys are alive and you don't want to get through with your bread to find out they have bit the dust.

    1. Even in the refrigerator, yeast only lasts so long. Since it's only a package, it's not worth wasting time spent making bread.

      1. I keep mine in the freezer and try to toss it after a year. It costs me between $2 and $3 for 1 lb bag, and I never seem to finish it all up before the year is over. Seems like a wise thing to just replace if you're in doubt.

        1. Better yet, you can test it by proofing it! Mix with 105 degree warm water and a pinch of sugar or dash of honey, stir and see if it starts to foam on top after a few minutes. That means it's alive. I'll bet it's just fine. I might be a bit slower though so your bread, or whatever might need more time to rise.

          1. I have a different instant yeast q: can I use it in recipes that call for normal yeast? Do I need to change anything in the recipe?