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Oct 26, 2007 09:14 AM

Knife Sharpening?

Where do the Philly hounds take their knives to have them professionally sharpened? I was ecstatic to hear that Fantes was doing it, only to be disappointed by the little handheld sharpener that they're using.

My knives are really in need of a sharpening, I need some help fast!

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  1. These guys are commercial, but they may do private knives too....Faraco and Sons the number is 215-679-8183

    1. I use to take mine to Foster's at RTM. But I'm sure they still do it at their new place on 4th & Market.

      1. DR Sharpening in Upper Darby.

          1. re: Carole

            Just to let you guys know, DR Sharpening moved to Alburtis, up between Pottstown and Allentown. I got an email from them last week saying they rarely get to this area anymore unless it's for really big jobs.

            They have their mail order business still, but as much as I loved their work I can't part with my knives for a week.

            1. re: SarahEats

              We got our neighborhood together to pool all our knives to make DR Sharpening's trip worthwhile.

          2. Thanks for the responses! I did call Fosters and they sharpen with one of the pass through sharpeners, in case anyone wanted to know.
            DR sounds really promising. I'll be packing up my knives over the weekend.

            Thanks again!

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              Before shipping try one of the larger Chef's Choice sharpeners. Model 120 or even 110. Also have a commercial model.
              Have been using one of these since they came out in early eighties. Have many, many knives, including 10-12 very old Dexter wood handled chef's knives, up to 14 inch blades
              This sharpens them all like butter. After first 'truing' on primary sharpener, the second wheel for minor sharpening and the third for honing, rarely if ever have to use first wheel again. Many stores and restaurants l have been involved with, after seeing my results have gone to this method.