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Oct 26, 2007 09:14 AM

Terroni-The REAL Authentic Cafe

Went to Terroni last night--Beverly and Curson, site of the old Authentic Cafe. It will be a pizzeria with other stuff, great wine, not unlike P. Mozza nearby. It is not open yet and the owner threw a party for about 30 friends. I went with some wine importing buddies. Staff all Italians from Canada, humble with no LA attitude whatsoever. Chef from Bologna.

Firstly, the space is gorgeous--very clean Italian lines, much higher ceiling than Authentic, and the snazziest espresso-machine-centered bar ever.

The dinner didn't start until 11 PM, and consisted of 8-9 courses (!), and no pizza since the pizza chef wasn't in yet. Stewed beans with sauteed chicory. Parmesan-crusted wild mushrooms over bitter arugula, a lasagna that will give Gino Angelini a run for his money, as well as the most perfect papadelle with pork and more mushrooms. Fresh Italian chocolate cakes were baked at the end. Much more I am forgetting.

To my mind, as good or better food than the pizzeria at Mozza, notwithstanding the pizza's, which I haven't tried at Terroni. But to me the pizza's at Mozza were not as good as the rest of the food, and NOT authentic in any way--these likely will be. The owner will also have a strict no modifications, no substitutions policy, not unlike a famous burger-serving bar. He will not even cut pizza's-they will be whole.

Have no idea what the prices will be, but I am thinking affordable. Even the service was great. A near flawless experience.

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  1. Thank you for the sneak preview. I have been anxiously awaiting their debut. Though I believe the name is Terroni, no?

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      Yes, that's what glass after glass of free wine will do. I changed it!

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        An excellent preview. Let's just hope the kitchen can stay consistent. Most opening parties go very well, but then the resto opens to mixed reviews. I am hopefull. It will be great to have more true options in this area.

        Also, I love the pizza at mozza. At mozza, the bread and the ingredients are the show instead of cheese and marinara sauce. It would be great to have options though. Sometimes I want saucy/cheesy pies, but nothing compares to Mozza's quality so I always settle for Mozza's innovative take on pizza.

    2. Just drove by and looks like they're soft opening tonight. Would love to hear reports from those who make it, or in the coming days.

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        I stopped by while walking my dog tonight. Unfortunately, what I was told was very disappointing. Much like Father's Office, Terroni will not accommodate with respect to the menu--it is all "as is.' So if you have dietary restrictions, especially with respect to milk, meat or the like, fuhgettaboutit. As for the opening, it is Monday. The inside looked great!

        1. re: rftc2121

          That was stated in my initial report. Those with strict diatery consideration, maybe this is not your place. For those who love authentic, rustic Italian food, this is for you.

        2. re: wutzizname

          Actually it's a great place to eat if you have dietary restrictions. Some pizza's do not have cheese or meat, as well as salads and the like. I've eaten at the one in Toronto for years and their no substition policy is to ensure that the dishes remain true to the Italian recipe. Give it a shot and check out their menu.

          1. re: wutzizname

            I was there yesterday and the food is great. The quality of ingredients even better. They have an extensive wine list, and for those in the know , they will be impressed. The space is beautiful, lively, the management extremely passionate about food. You have to try it.

            1. re: zeet

              I personally have NO problem with the no substitution's allowing them to stay true to their Southern Italian heritage via the recipes. Fabio and Max are great guys and I imagine this locale will do quite well. Beverly needs another great restaurant at a reasonable price point that can be revisited often.

          2. Anyone know their hours? Curious how late they'll be serving and whether lunch is on the books?

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              They are open for lunch and dinner, looked to me like maybe all day, actually. Didn't get the closing time but had the "feel" it would be a late-night kind of place as well. I sat at the bar, very nice/busy trattoria-like room. Had a mini-rigatoni alla Norma and a salad with Italian tuna and a thin wedge of farinata. I liked them both quite a bit and look forward to trying more. I totally agree with zeet about their quality, passion and wine. As skeptical as I was about a cocky Canadian-cum-Italian, I must say, it will definately be a hit!

            2. The original comment has been removed