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Oct 26, 2007 08:57 AM

Bars in Le Marais

Anyone know any cool bars (not clubs) in Le Marais or nearby?

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  1. "Le Petit Fer a Cheval" (30 rue Vieille du Tempe) is a good start. It is tiny, good to stand up at the bar and absorb the atmosphere - pretty mixed crowd. It is very central so there are other bars up and down the street. Also "Le Pick-Clops"(16 rue Vielle du Tempe) is pretty good, a little grungy in style but a good bar for a beer (quite young, mainly straight).

    Obviously the bars range from pretty straight, mixed, to gay - it is pretty easy to tell so pick a bar and enjoy.

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    1. there's an irish pub called Stolly's that I like quite a lot. It's tiny, but cozy. rue cloche-perce (just off rivoli, just east of rue vielle du temple).