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Oct 26, 2007 08:46 AM

Amazing Coffee House Down Under?

Hi, all. I am on the hunt for any really delicious/unique coffee houses to visit while I am in Australia and New Zealand next month. Any suggestions? The crazier location, the better.

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  1. australia is as big as continental USA. where are you going?
    New Zealand is stretched over 2 islands (3 actually but 2 populated ones) - where are you going?

    "coffee house" do you mean a cafe, a farm that grows it, somewhere to go for tastings? tutorials?

    1. I think that NZ does consitently the best coffee I have ever had, so you'll be in for a treat, my tips would be

      Auckland - Atomic
      Wellington - Cafe L'Affare
      Queenstown - Joes Garage
      Tauranga - Bravo
      Whakatane - The Bean

      If you want tips for bars too

      Melbourne - Supper Club
      Adelaide - Apothecary 1878

      have fun

      1. Am presuming you're American with your very broad request - as per the other posters - we got big countries down here! It's like saying ' what coffee is good in the US?'.
        In Sydney the best coffee, and widely aggreed as such - is Campos coffee in Newtown - tiny little place - but the beans are to die for - Aussie foodies aggree - - enjoy!

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          Yes! Another vote for Campos Coffee in Newtown!

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            as well as a vote for bertoni casalinga in balmain

        2. Coffee in the big Australian cities is generally amazing. Most areas/streets will have a great place or three. They hot places change as the baristas move around, but the good ones are generally quite consistent. What to look for? During the week look for them to be very busy in the morning. At weekends look for really busy breakfast service (until 12:00ish). The crowds are discerning and quite fickle if its is good it is busy, if it isn't busy it ain't good.
          What do you mean by crazy location? Lot of cafes are in great people watching areas, and are good places o relax an watch the city. If you want beach side coffee places like Bronte have good spots (as others have said it is a big place).
          The exceptions to this rule are two chains - Starbucks and Gloria Jeans - avoid like the plague - enough said

          1. Hi GMoney,
            Melbourne is considered Australia's coffee capital, it has strong European influences due to a large influx of Italian and Greek migrants several decades ago. There are more cafes and restaurants in Melbourne per capita than most cities in the world and you will see that a good coffee is easy to find. When Australians drink coffee, they expect espresso... Short blacks, Long Blacks, Caffe Lattes, Cappucinos and macchiatos. Most Americans drink black coffee - so you would probably order a long black (a shot of coffee topped up with hot water). Most Aussies would order a caffe latte (which we abbreviate to latte) which is a shot of coffee topped with frothed milk. In Melbourne's CBD there is a cafe called Degraves in Degraves Lane that is known for FANTASTIC coffee, but wherever you stay just ask around, there are too many to list... We would be talking hundreds of good quality places.
            Sydney will have heaps too, and Byron Bay certainly has good coffee. Adelaide has a local 'chain' called Cibo (I think) run by an Italian family that serves quite good coffee too.
            As for the other capitals, I haven't been to Brisbane lately but they have a growing food scene that I am sure is supported by good coffee... Darwin is so multicultural, but from memory coffee wasn't a stand out (too hot up there anyway) and I haven't been to Perth or read much about coffee there... Australia's big, so if you know what city you are going to it will help narrow things down. Have a great time and enjoy your stay.