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Oct 26, 2007 08:45 AM

Iguana Gril in Lakeway

I'm going there tonight for a show. I've not seen much feedback on it. Does anyone have any recommendations? I had some terrible carne asada yesterday and am looking to cleanse my palate. Or any better recommendations out that way. Not taking a date so nothing fancy.

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  1. This won't be the best Tex-Mex meal you've ever had, but you can certainly have a pleasant experience. Maragritas are so-so imho, so stick with cervezas.

    I've had the Camarrones a la Plancha and enjoyed them (BBQ Shrimp) - they can overcook the shrimp, but I've had it cokked perfectly several tiimes. The enchiladas and fajitas are fair (no comparison to the options on S. 1st, but they hold up well). The Alambres a la Parrilla (grilled steak) was very good as well.

    Not alot of options out this way - Los Pinos on Hudson Bend has received good reviews, but I've not tried it.

    1. They have queso with white cheese which is pretty good. I'm not a vegetarian, but the spinach and mushroom enchiladas are yummy with a rich cream sauce.
      Great view of the lake and pretty decent drinks (at lake prices of course)

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          Thanks for asking. Due to time and a late lunch I stuck to the beer. Great show spectacular view, friendly service. I'll be back.