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Oct 26, 2007 08:43 AM

Help. Chicago breakfast and afternoon snack delivery

I'm from Boston and will be "feeding meetings" next Tuesday in Chicago. I've been asked to provide 2 breakfasts and 2 afternoon snacks for meetings that day. I want to find some great places to order breakfast pastry/bagels/muffins for the morning and snacks for the afternoon (thinking of getting Tacos for the afternoon snacks in honor of Jacoby Ellsbury's base steal last night).

So, any suggestions? Breakfast at 200 East Randolph, one snack is at 101 East Erie and one is at the Merchandise Mart.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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  1. I always like Corner Bakery

    Though they do not have tacos :)

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    1. re: leek

      thanks... i'm looking them up online right now -- saw someone's mention of them as the best at the airport (tho that might not be a ringing endorsement). will give it a try. thx!

    2. any comments on Mother Hubbards -- they've got appetizers i could order (still have to find out if they delivery, tho)?

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        Mother Hubbard's is a bar - I doubt they deliver. I've had apps there, but I don't really remember them - so probably not great, but not bad.

      2. I would use a company like mother hubbard's to have your office delivered Portillo's or big bowl or Jerry's Sandwich's. My office uses them weekly and they are fast and cheap, great service.

        1. Flourish Bakery delivers pretty much anywhere, though I'm not sure what they charge for downtown. They do all sorts of breakfast stuff - I love the croissants.

          I've heard good things about Specialty's as far as breakfast/lunch options, not sure how they would do for snacks. Never tried them myself.

          Potbelly does good breakfast sandwiches, as well as bagels/muffin tops/coffee. I used to work there, and would frequently indulge in the breakfast sandwiches, though the bagels are a healthier option. I don't think they have anything good for snacks.

          1. OOPS, I realized the OP was 4 months ago.

            A great local option is Sopraffina Cafe. Always a good choice.