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Oct 26, 2007 08:05 AM

ABQ West Side: Bombay Grill or India Palace?

My husband and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary tonight, and we're going out to eat (without our 3-year-old, for once!) on the west side. I'm jonesing for Indian food, so we're trying to decide between Bombay Grill and India Palace. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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      I'd drive over to India Kitchen on Montgomery at Louisiana, but that's just me. ;-)

    2. Bombay Grill is prettier, for decor and has bettert service, but I prefer the food at India Palace. I have to admit I never go to either place for dinner, since prices jump exponentialy. Please post a report...I'd like to hear about where you went and what you had, Thanks.

      1. Thanks everyone. We wound up going to Bombay Grill Friday night, and we loved it! Could've been because it was our first date night in almost three years, but the atmosphere and the food combined to make an extremely happy evening. The papadum and dippers were good, though I had to watch out for the really, really spicy stuff. We both had combination plates--I had the lamb and chicken plate, my husband had the non-vegetarian plate. We both started with soup--he had the chicken, I had the dal. They were both very tasty; lots of good spices going on. The platters were both fantastic--my husband's included prawns in a nicely spiced sauce, lamb curry and something else I can't remeber. I had tandoori chicken, which was moist and delicious, some lamb vindaloo (I think--sorry, I'm still something of an Indian food neophyte), and a sweet mushroom dish. We both had garlic naan and jasmine rice. The naan was unbelievably garlicy, but well worth it.

        Anyway, we would both go back in a second. I can highly recommend the restaurant. Romantic, but not obnoxiously so, good food and attentive service all combined to give us a wonderful date night.

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          Sounds like you had a nice meal. How much was the check without alcohol? I'm guessing.... about $35 per person?