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Oct 26, 2007 07:08 AM

Sunday Brunch in Park Slope

Does anyone have any good recommendations for Sunday brunch in Park Slope this Sunday? I've been to several places but would love to try somewhere new. I have listed all of the place I've been to below along with my experiences there but all of these experiences, with the exception of Little D, are from last Fall/Winter.

Applewood (great ambience, quite a long wait, food was good but not great).
Little D (the best brunch I've been to in Park Slope, excellent food but surprising lack of popularity, I'd love to try somwhere different since I've been there several times).
Stone Park Cafe (extremely disappointing brunch experience, especially given the good experiences I've had there for dinner - I don't think I'd go back).
Flatbush Farms (not very good in terms of food or service).

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Try the 12th Street Bar and grill on 8th Avenue and 12th Street. The portions are very generous and the bread basket has some little "sweet" breads also.

    1. I'm with you on Stone Park Cafe -- extremely disappointing brunch. Rose Water on Union Street has good food and a nice brunch deal, but it's often a long wait because the dining room is so small. I've also enjoyed brunch at Miriam on Fifth Avenue as long as I order Israeli items (and not, for instance, pancakes).

      1. though not exactly the slope, chesnut occasionally has fabulous brunch.
        but not consistant.

        in the slope, alchemy is straight forward and good.

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          Thanks for the recommendations. I ended up going to Little D - again. It was excellent and they have changed their menu a bit. Everyone was very happy with their respective dishes (although there was some debate around the table on the pork butt hash).

          I'm interested to hear that the Alchemy brunch is good given all of the recent negative reviews that it has gotten for dinner on this site.