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Oct 26, 2007 07:04 AM

Best Texan Wines

I'm on my way to San Antonion for a few days and would like to bring back some Texan wine. Any suggestions for bottles that are the best expression of this area?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. To me -- and keep in mind that my experience with Texas wines is indeed limited (I've had perhaps some two dozen, perhaps a little less) -- Texas CAN produce some really tasty wines, but they are some years away from truly doing so in any meaningful, consistent way. The best ones I've had come from Becker and Fall Creek. (But that's me.)


      1. When you say 'this area' do you mean from around San Antonio or Texas generally?

        I spent some time in Austin about 4 years apart and in those 4 years there were a tremendous number of changes, new wineries opening, existing wineries either closed or replanted with native varieties after being wiped out by Pierces, so since last time I was there was four years ago (sigh..) my info isn't up to date, but the followingprobably hasn't changed much:-

        1) Few Texas restaurants have Texan wines on their list
        2) You need to go to a large wine shop to get a good choice, although the larger supermarkets will stock some.
        3) Look for clear labelling to tell that it is 'Texan' grown and made wine, a number of wineries import juice from out of State
        4) Its well worth visiting wineries if you get the time, but more are in the hills west of Austin rather than San Antonio

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          Thanks, that's great info! I will be in San Antonio, downtown, at the Sheraton. I was thinking of picking up a bottle of Texan to bring back to my wine tasting group, so that's why I was looking for some tips. I wish I had the time to visit the wineries and I also wish I had the time to go to Sam's BBQ in Austin - I have very fond memories of the ribs at that place, downed with a Shiner Bock...

        2. Yee-Haw and Shee-It are good labels.

          1. Can anyone specify which wines in particular and also where in San Antonio is the best place to purchase wines like these?

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              I would suggest the Llano Estacado Cabernet Savignon Cellar Reserve. You'll be surprised at just how good this wine is. Its from west Texas (Lubbock) where the growing conditions favor full bodied reds. I think this emerging wine growing area is putting out far better reds than Hill Country wineries and has excellent potential to produce top-notch wines. You might want to try Viviano, a Super Tuscan style wine also put out by Llano Estacado. Steer clear of the whites though. Ain't much there.

              1. re: Big Fat Moe

                I second the motion for Llano Viviano. It goes with other Texas premium wines Fall Creek Meritus and Messina Hof Paulo. If you get to Mason, Texas try a newer boutique winery called Sandstone Cellars. They have a wine simply called III (This refers to Blend No.. 3 from winemaker Don Pullum).