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Need Help w/Challenging Catering Menu

The Cats Meow Oct 26, 2007 05:54 AM

I've been asked to cater a party with a "Marie Antoinette" theme. The hostess wants food relating to that era "with a funky edge" since this is for an artist event. Any suggestions??

  1. m
    mojoeater Nov 3, 2007 01:50 PM

    Serve asparagus spears with the tops cut off but on the same plate - as though guillotined!

    1. stellamystar Nov 3, 2007 01:36 PM

      white cupcakes with pink cotton candy as toppers (emulating wigs of that time or the movie, haha).Finger foods - baby stuffed potatoes, small canapes....
      maybe a nice salad nicoise (not "period" but good for a crowd.)

      1. s
        spellweaver16 Oct 26, 2007 02:31 PM

        Definitely avoid the rustic French dishes. Coq au vin, beef (forgot how to spell beef in French lol) burgundy. If I remember right, I think marzipan was popular then. The French weren't much for beef in haute cuisine back then, I don't think. More towards roasted birds and lots of sauces. To be honest, 18th century cuisine from any country is going to be just plain strange sometimes. I would say your hostess has given you quite a task. But, I did find this blog, dedicated to 18th century French cuisine. http://18thccuisine.blogspot.com/

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        1. re: spellweaver16
          diablo Nov 3, 2007 01:44 PM

          Wow. That blog you found is great reading. Really cool stuff....

        2. HungryRubia Oct 26, 2007 09:01 AM

          Even though it may not be true that she ever said "Let them eat cake", I definitely think some sort of cake should be on the menu.....

          1. MMRuth Oct 26, 2007 05:59 AM

            Have you seen the movie Marie Antoinette - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0422720/ - not great, but some luscious food scenes - might give you some inspiration. And of course, serve the champagne in the "cups" not flutes!

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            1. re: MMRuth
              meggie t Oct 26, 2007 02:04 PM

              I agree - great food scenes in the movie! Champagne, petit fours, roast for dinner. Anything extravagant!

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