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FQ area bar for Boston visitor to watch Series?

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I will be a first time visitor to New Orleans this weekend and need recommendations where a diehard Sox fan like myself should go to watch the World Series?? I will be staying at the Sheraton just outside the FQ so any recommendations around that area would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. The French Quarter doesn't really have the typical "sports bar" with huge flat screens and all that, but the Old Absinthe House on Bourbon and Bienville is a good place to watch games. They have several screens and usually a pretty good crowd.

    1. Try Johnny White's

      1. Ryan's Pub, corner of Bienville and Decatur, same block as House of Blues. They have a bank of flat screen TVs. Great beer selection. Small, cozy pub atmosphere. Great place for a game.

        Or, if you want to be surrounded by Sox fanatics, take a cab to Markey's Bar in the Bywater, corner of Royal and Louisa streets. Don't walk it, take that cab. Markey's is Boston sports headquarters in New Orleans and a great local bar to boot.

        Go Sox.

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          Is Markey's also the best place in New Orleans to see tomorrow's Patriots-Colts game if I want to be around Patriots fans?