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Oct 25, 2007 11:51 PM


Hey guys, I'm looking for a really good mexican restaurant in the hollywood area for a birthday party this saturday evening.

Not too fancy schmancy and not too pricey. (about $15/plate)
Please try to give me your best recommendations as soon as possible so that I can make reservations.

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  1. Malo on Sunset in Silverlake is a good and obvious choice. But I'm going to recommend my new favorite Mexican in the Hollywood area instead: Pueblo Viejo, on Melrose just west of Larchmont.

    It's a casual, family run place with great food, tequila, service and prices.

    And they have a side room with a giant round table that's perfect for a group of 13.

    Pueblo Viejo
    5722 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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    1. re: wutzizname

      Your only other real options, I believe, would be Mexico City (too small for your group) and Velvet Margarita or Spanish Kitchen (too sceney/too pricey).

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        One more possibility might be El Compadre on Sunset. Though that will be much louder and more crowded. And not sure if you'll get such a big group in there on short notice.

        El Compadre Restaurant
        7408 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

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        I wouldn't recommend Malo. It will be too pricey. Yes, you can order tacos there a la carte but you won't fill up on just that and plus you have to pay for the chips. I personally think the food is over-rated. It's way too trendy for my as well. And not in a good fun modern way (a la Pinkberry) it's like cold and goth like in there. Trying too hard.

      3. thanks! anymore opinions please?

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        1. re: OCAdam

          Marix in West Hollywood?
          El Coyote?
          Gardens of Taxco?
          Cabo Cantina on Sunset? a little fratboyish though...
          Also maybe Pink Taco but it's at the Century City mall, not Hollywood...

          1. re: OCAdam

            nah for malo, imo anyway.

            what about guelaguetza if you'll travel a bit.

            velvet margarita as suggested above is good for groups.

          2. I second El Compadre. I went to a b-day party for about 12 ppl there and it was great. El Coyote is another ok option.

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            1. re: smartcooki

              El Coyote is good for loud, fun, casual, festive. But food is really sub-par.

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                For atmosphere and tasty drinks I have to add Lucy's El Adobe to the list. It's across from Paramount studios. The food's just average but you can't beat the fountains and lights on the patio. Also El Coyote is a fun, cheap place w/lots of party atmosphere. True the food is perhaps tex mex, cafeteria-ish but you won't notice after a scratch margarita- strong and cheap!

                1. re: wutzizname

                  we ended up going to "The Courtyard"

                  Small portions, but pretty good.
                  Their shrimp was very good!!!
                  Thanks everyone for your input!