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Oct 25, 2007 10:21 PM

Gel Mats - Anyone w/ Experience

Not exactly cookware but definitely for kitchen use... I've seen gelmats ( advertised lately. I think I saw one recently as well in a store or other place. I have some rugs in my kitchen by the sink and stove. They seem to always be dirty and sliding around. I have dogs so that's part of the sliding problem. I'm intrigued by these Gel Mats. Does anyone have experience with them where they could recommend them or not. Also, do you know how they would hold up around animals and is it difficult or easy to keep them clean? Thanks.

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  1. My advice is to skip the mats. I'd rather wear gel-like material on my feet!

    I wear CrocsRx "Clouds" at home, and they are especially great in the kitchen. The Bistro model is new, and I don't have them. Yet.

    What type of kitchen floor do you have? The backing on some mats have been known to stain or discolor the flooring underneath...

    1. We bought a Gel Mat at the beginning of the year and love it. We only have one in front of the sink currently, but I will probably replace the rug in front on the stove with it eventually. They definitely stay in place, which is great, and are very easy to wipe clean if something spills. They tell you not to stand on them in high heels, which isn't an issue for me when washing my dishes! We don't have any animals, but I can't imagine that being a big issue. Highly recommend!

      1. I also have one, asked for it for the holidays last year. If it gets dirty you just take a cloth or sponge and wipe it up, and it does not slide. I have it on a tile floor, and there is no problem with it discoloring the floor. All in all, I have been very satisfied with it, and it does help ease the strain on my legs when I am standing for a long time. Go for it!!!

        1. I'm another vote for the "terrific" camp- we have had them in our kitchen for over a year now with three dogs and a cat. They are so comfortable, clean in a snap, and show no signs of wear. No discoloring of the hardwood floor underneath, either. They are very durable- a concern I had when we first got them, but then we haven't dropped any knives on them, either.

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            Little delayed but here's my thanks for these reports. I think I'll get one.

          2. Excellent question! I have wondered about a gel mat for my kitchen. My kitchen rugs never hold up, look dirty, etc. and don't wash that well. We have a large dog who likes to lay on the kitchen rug, too. I like the responses that you got, I think I'll try one now too.