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Tired of usual suspects - looking for good bday dinner place

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Havent been to Polo Lounge in awhile... thoughts? Seems like it could be fun..
How is Tower Bar (at old argyle hotel)?
Whats almost as good as Cut? I love Cut but was just there...its probably one of my favorite steakhouses... any other recommendations?
Whats else is new in town?

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  1. How about Craft. I just had a really good lunch there and really enjoyed just about every dish we ordered.

    I would nix the Polo Lounge.

    Other new places to consider, off the top of my head ... Bastide, Comme Ca, and maybe All' Angelo or Osteria Mozza.

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      Thanks for the suggestions...
      the Mozzas are great. Craft was at for dinner about a month ago and - a bit stuffy although food was pretty solid.
      Was thinking Comme Ca although don't know if they have a full bar.. martini kind of essential - at least one.

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        Comme Ca definitely has a full bar. Several nice house cocktails of bourbon, gin, etc., as well as the standards, I'm sure.

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          Two different birthday celebrations tonight at comme ca, and they definitely do have a full liquor license. Very festive, celebratory environment, loud party atmosphere - totally works unless you are looking for mortuary surroundings. Food quite good, yet not at the Cut/Spago level, nor is it trying to be. Go for the festivities, enjoy the food and wine, and have a good time. Highly recommended.