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Oct 25, 2007 08:41 PM

Maroni Cuisine

I know that this is a largely Westchester board but has anyone tried the tasting menu at Maroni's in Northport, Long Island? I just watched an episode of Bobby flays "Throwdow with Bobby Flay" and the challenge was meatballs and Bobby got his but kicked! The menu on Friday and Saturday is strictly a tasting menu. So has anyone had it?


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  1. My friend ate there and said it was amazing. Very creative, but not weird. The place is also very small, so it is very intimate.

    1. Loved it! Ended up to be more food than you think and everything was deelish! Very small funky type of place (not what I was expecting). Friendly staff. Was there in June, will go back soon.

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        1. We too love Maroni. We've only order the tasting menu, but you can order from the regular menu every night. I highly recommend the tasting menu. You'll roll out of there so full, but with a smile on your face.

          1. I love this place to but be can be eccentric - go with an open mind and you'll love it. If you want to try the meatballs, you can order a pot anytime. They will come in a pot which you can bring with you next time to be refilled. I love the matballs but find the sauce a little salty....

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              We went last night and had the tasting menu so I tried to remember all of the courses:

              Lobster Bisque
              "Million dollar" potato chips - 2 with fois gras and two with creme fraiche and caviar
              Spring roll w/crab
              Pork dumplings
              Oysters and crab claws with mustard sauce
              Chicken milanese with salad, fresh mozz and balsamic
              Memphis style ribs
              Kobe beef burgers (fabulous)
              Breaded fried shrimp with asparagus
              Crab knuckles "fra diavlo"
              Prawns parmesan
              Pastrami and rye egg roll
              Meatballs, eggplant parm and pasta
              Dessert - Creme brulee, cheesecake, mini ice cream sunday and chocolate mousse

              These descriptions are my own. The portions are tasting size and wine is included with the meal. **Cash only** and on Friday and Saturday they offer only the tasting menu. The chef visted the dining room and remembered us even though we hadn't been there in a long while.