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Oct 25, 2007 07:22 PM

Baking Crispy/Crunchy Cookies

What makes for a crunchy cookie recipe? I'm thinking it's a more butter/less flour thing on top of baking them a bit longer, but really have no idea.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I seem to remember it depends on the type and quantity of sugar - ie, white vs. brown, etc. But I couldn't tell you the specifics.

    1. Alton Brown did an entire show based on chocolate chip cookies: crunchy, puffy and chewy...butter seems to be the key component in a crunchy cookie, I believe...for puffy, shortening was involved, from what I can remember. I'm pretty sure you can find that show on!

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        I use "The Puffy" recipe as my goto whatever-chip cookie. They make a nice high cookie that is actually quite crisp when in cools. I tried The Chewy and The Crunchy just to compare, all are quite good. He does a good job of explaining the science behind them on the show.

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          Yes, one of my favorite Alton Brown episodes is that one about cookies, but that sister-character is totally annoying!

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          That is exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much!

        3. The trick for crunchy crispy cookies is to use real butter in the recipe, don't grease the pans and cool them on a rack. works for me every time

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            Agree. It's definitely the butter.

          2. In additon to the butter, it's also the sugar... all brown sugar will create a chewier cookie, and all white sugar will create a crispier cookie. I prefer them chewy, so the recipes I often go to use all or a lot of brown sugar and also call for melting the butter. Using room temperature butter will make for crispier cookies. Here's the link to that Alton Brown show where he did the three types:

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              Thanks for the direct link - just what I was looking for!