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Oct 25, 2007 07:05 PM

Fab places in Monmouth Co. NJ??

o.k. here we go again...please love to know!!!!

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  1. Jim's Burger Haven on RT. 36 in Hazlet. I love the place. Here is the deal though, the place is run down, and that is being kind. I don't think that there is a ceiling tile in the place that isn't water stained. There are two entrances, on the roof above one of them you can clearly see two cans of roofing tar, in short the place is a mess. However Chowhound is about food, not decor so here we go. I love the burgers. They have knockoffs of burgers by major chains, there is a 'Big Jim'with two patties, special sauce (tartar i believe)lettuce, cheese. pickles and onions, you get the idea. then there is the 'Super Burger' a Whopper copy. I think that he reason I love them is that they are made with real meat. That is the big difference, while they are greasy (so greasy that sometimes oil soaks through the bag - could be from the fries though...?) they taste like a burger. I guess because the big chains mass produce their own, while Jim's gets them from a butcher,or more likely a smaller purveyor. The menu has tons of items, but I stick to the burgers and fries, I don't really think that I'd like to try the 'Clam Strip Platter'. Once in a while I will get a breakfast sandwich, and they do a good job with that as well, sort of like standard NJ diner breakfasts - only cheaper - served on paper plates - I kid you not. So if your in the area try the Big Jim and a large fry, it will set you back about 4 bucks. I can;t wait until lunchtime tomorrow :-)

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    1. re: Herm

      WOW!!! You made me want a burger!! :)

      Thanks, I know this post is so open for anything, but since we all live in this sea of restaurants ans not too many of them particularly good, I like hearing everyone else.

      What I can't seem to figure out is why in Red Bank there are SOOOO MANY restaurants and yet any of them I have tried were off. (I am still waiting to try Thyme Square....I think someone here said tthey liked it...maybe bgut1 or HillJ...someone!!)

      1. re: Angelina

        Angelina, not me re: Thyme Square-too inconsistent. MOF, the whole main drag of R/B has me unimpressed of late. Now, the side streets and alleys of R/B different story. Gotta explore those!

        1. re: Angelina

          Angelina - I'm probably the one who talked up Thyme Square. While I've only been once it was pretty solid. I've wanted to go back and might try it tonight. I'll let you know if in fact I do go.

        2. re: Herm

          Here is a story my grandmother told me about Jim's. Back in the late 50's early 60's my grandparents owned a hamburger shop on Main st. in Keansburg. They named it Hamburger Heaven. Jim opened up his place on the highway and wanted to name it the same thing. Through licenseing laws there couldn't be 2 places with the same name so he had to chnage it ti Burger Haven.

          1. re: Herm

            We love Jims Burger Haven!
            I like the bacon burger, double bacon burger, and the hot dogs. Nick serves Best- brand hot dogs. It's my understanding that he gets his burger patties from a regular supplier, but he insists on using fresh patties. You will occasionally get frozen patties on a busy day if he runs out of fresh. He uses good rolls. Indeed it's about the grease.

            Here's a photo of Jim's exterior. It's an old "Burger Chef" restaurant. The place is in a 1980s time warp. They actually have a working Ms. Pac-Man video game in there.

            For breakfast sandwiches, I got to Jersey Joe's in Port Monmouth. He uses thin-sliced Trenton-brand pork roll. Delicious! However, Jim's Burger Haven has much better rolls.
            Photo of Jersey Joe's exterior:

            Jim's Burger Haven
            1215 State Route 36, Hazlet, NJ

            Jersey Joe's
            712 Port Monmouth Rd, Port Monmouth, NJ 07758

            1. re: val ann c

              Val, that has to be the most flattering photo of alltime!!! It does justice to the place! I woke up this morning and ran right over there (well at 11 o'clock) and had TWO Big Jim's, Large Fries, and a Pepsi, 6 bucks. The same ammount of lesser quality food at a chain would cost about 8 or 9 dollars, an Jim's is so much better!

          2. Are you looking for upscale or casual?

            1. See about 10 posts down...there was a similar request with 72 replies.


                Angelina, this thread is still active; loads of worthwhile suggestions.
                Herm, I think the grease at JBH's dates back to the 50's!

                1. Ill bite.

                  Current favorites:

                  El Meson, Freehold - great authentic Mexican
                  Barnacle Bills, Rumson - American/Seafood fare - best burgers in the land
                  Zachary's, West Long Branch - tremendous pub food, although owners are doing the best to ruin the place
                  The Original Windmill, West End - hot dogs and cheese fries
                  Attilio's, West Long Branch - top pizza in town and mussels
                  Delicious Orchards, Colts Neck - top quality produce/baking goods/fruit/etc..
                  (Not big fan of anything in Red Bank)

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                  1. re: yankeefan

                    Are you my twin, yankee fan?? I love all the places you mentioned!! Although I have never tried Zachary's, I have heard much ado about the place!!

                    1. re: Angelina

                      Glad to hear, feel like Im leaving some good ones out but am drawing a blank.

                      One that I want to add is Branches in WLB. Ive been very impressed when Ive gone to events there. This is where Squires Pub used to be.

                      I still havent found a good place for crab in monmouth/middlesex. very upsetting. this may also be heresy, but I am not a fan of pete and eldas. give me attilios, luigis of little silver, tonys of LB, or zacharys any day.

                    2. re: yankeefan

                      Can we add Huddy's for good pub food?

                      1. re: yankeefan

                        Gotta love Prime Rib night at Zachary's. They have great lunch specials also.