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On Jury Duty downtown, need recs

I am serving on a jury and have been told it will be at least a 4 week trial. The location is Superior Court on 1st and Hill. We get a 1-1/2 hour lunch break daily. Need recs for food, with the time factor the only criteria: travel time, including waiting - 15 minutes outbound, 15 minutes inbound, which leaves 1 hr for lunch. Have already been to Empress Pavillion, ok but not as good as SGV, Daikoku, by far the best ramen I have had in LA. Going to Langers tomorrow, which leaves a lot of days to fill. Pls help

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    1. Judging by your handle, perhaps you would enjoy Pitfire Pizza Co., on the Corner of 2nd and Spring (or is it Main?). Good salads, pizzas etc. They may even have a beer and wine license by now, which if I were a juror, I would surely want.

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        Agree that Pitfire Pizza is very good, and it's close to the courthouse. It's 2nd and Main. And if you happen to be a member of KCRW, you can use your fringe benefits card to get a discount there.

      2. Haven't been on jury duty for years in LA but I used to walk down to the Far East in Little Tokyo. It's where they filmed the Bruce Lee Story years ago before they shutdown. I heard they opened up again but haven't been there to try it. You can go to Olvera Street for Mexican or take the redline to MacArthur Park to Langers. Central Market was an experience in street food.

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          It's a nice walk to the Grand Central Market around 3rd st. I've done this while on jury duty and there's alot to choose from there. You can get a decent ice cream cone ($1) for the walk back, too.

        2. Hi,

          If you head the same direction as Daikokuya but keep on going, there's a Senor Fish (great fish tacos!) and a block before, on the same side of the street, there's a Cuban restaurant.

          1. so in little tokyo there are also Haru Ulala (an Izakaya), and Kokkekokko (or something like that, It's a yakitori place, it's supposed to be a chicken sound i guess?)

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              Was all hopped up to try the yakitori at Kokekokko the self proclaimed best yakitori in LA, , went today, but alas, they open at 6pm, so to all prospective jurors, no lunch there. I'll give a full report of my food journey after my jd is over.

            2. Get a copy of the Dash schedule. It's only 25 cents and you can get around the area quickly. There are several places near the Dash stops that are good. Little Tokyo is a good suggestion; several good Japenese places there. CBS seafood for dim sum (in my opinion) is better than Empress. Phillippe's is around the corner from CBS. I'm not sure if Olvera St places are any good, but I'm guessing there's a good taco place in there someewhere.

              Good luck. I was on jury duty for a grand total of one day and I managed to sneak away to Little Tokyo and had a fun lunch.

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                DASH is absolutely the way to go. The map is online. Print it on your color inkjet--it's confusing in black&white. Make sure you have exact change, as none is given. Do watch your time like a hawk, as judges can assess significant penalties on jurors who are even five minutes late, with no mercy for Hounds. The Chinatown bus seemed more reliably timed than the Little Tokyo bus, but maybe that was just my luck during two weeks as a juror. The following info is five years old, but these places seem to last a long time.

                - Empress Pavilion was the best dimsum I found then, but it is also the furthest stop on the DASH bus. Good choice when the judge breaks before noon (it happens).
                - Japanese Village Plaza (right side of street outbound on DASH) had a good selection of choices. Way at the back was a large, fresh, and comprehensive Asian buffet. (I like buffets with jury duty because there are no service delays.) On the right side was a merry-go-round sushi place. Near the front was a Japanese curry place (Japanese-style Italian food).
                - Traxx in Union Station is fancy but can be fast if you ask.
                - Beware the court-provided info and court cafeterias. Mobs descend on Philippe's and Olvera St because everybody knows about them.

                Good luck and bon appetit. Downtown and Santa Monica allow you to make the best of jury service :)

              2. Just three blocks or so directly west of the Civil Courthouse is the DWP building. They have a very pleasant cafeteria one floor below the main entrance, open to the public. Several different food stations: a grill, a very popular freshly tossed salad stand, and my favorite, the blue-plate daily specials, along with several other options.

                Definitely learn to use DASH. Phillippe's is historic, but the East Side Deli, just north across the freeway on the west side of Chinatown, has bigger and better sandwiches. Once you make friends with some of your fellow jurors, make a reservation and have a great lunch at Yang Chow, on the west side of Broadway just north of Alpine. Everyone there gets the slippery shrimp, I also recommend their eggplant in spicy garlic sauce, the green beans, and the spicy won ton soup (which is found on the specials page of the menu, not with the other soups). Sure people on this board diss it for being americanized, but it is delicious and I always leave there filled and happy.

                If your parking has in-and-out privileges, it is a short hop southeast to Fisherman's Outlet, on the S/W corner of Fifth and Central. Good reasonably priced grilled and fried fish, shrimp, and scallops, with outside seating so choose a pleasant day.

                Also requiring a car is my favorite taco/burrito stand in all of L.A. -- Carnitas Michaocan on North Broadway above Chinatown at 19th. Good carne asada, fantastic al pastor sliced from a rotisserie spit, and the best salsa roja I've ever had. Very inexpensive, order at a window, covered patio seating. Won "The Great Taco Hunt" best of 2006; highly recommended.

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                  You probably will not find in-and-out parking privileges anywhere downtown unless your surname is Villaraigosa.

                2. Clifton's Cafeteria was great when I was on Jury Duty. Take a Dash bus down Broadway. Great Home-style food and very funky interior! As someone else mentioned, the Grand Central market is also fun.

                  1. The best hamburger on the planet is at Arnie Mortons on Fig. It's crazy good.