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Canoga Avenue & Burbank Blvd.

I'm going through a whirlwind tour of L.A. next week to see lots of old friends -- one friend only has time for lunch and works near Canoga Avenue and Burbank Boulevard. Kate Mantilini is one suggestion which has been slammed a bit on this board.

Any other suggestions for that neighborhood?

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  1. Gorikee is on Ventura, just west of Canoga, next to Vons. It has gotten good reviews constantly on the board. Closed on Mondays.

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      I've had some very nice dinners at Gorikee. Haven't had lunch there, so I'm not familiar with the lunch menu.

    2. Whole Foods is right there at Canoga and Ventura. They do have tables.

      1. If deli is a possibility, try Weilers Deli on Victory between Canoga and DeSoto.

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          I should have added the caveat that I am visiting from San Francisco and have not seen this friend in almost five years -- we want something nicer than a deli or a grocery store counter.

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            Whoops, my suggestion of Whole Foods was really the result of your "...only has time for lunch..." It offers a wide variety, quickly!

            However, for something nicer, I would head over to Calabasas. Perhaps someone can recommend the "best" of what is there in the Commons. I don't love any of them, but you can go to Marmalade or King's Fish. I think you might yet have some other choices in that direction.

        2. Kate Mantilini is no where near Canoga Ave & Burbank Bl.

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            Kate Mantilini
            5921 Owensmouth at Oxnard (Califa)
            Woodland Hills

            I'd say in "Los Angeles mile" speak, this is right there near Canoga and Burbank.

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              According to the Oracle @ Delphi (google) it's 6 tenths of a mile. Close enough in LA to call it "spittn" distance.

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                I stand corrected, had no idea there was more than the original in the former bank building in BH. If I were in the neck of the woods, I would definately give Kate Mantilini a shot.

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                  Hey, ChinoWayne, it's ok!
                  I am terrible in most neighborhoods, but this is the one area that I do know. Take me just a few miles away, and I am truly challenged! I am baffled by most posts that want something close to something else...???

                  I also think this might be a good option, but I wonder if the service is quick enough for the poster's friend -- ?? My experience at Kate Mantilini has been with dinner, and I remember it to be "leisurely."

          2. For sushi, Brother's Sushi is pretty solid:

            Brothers Sushi
            21418 Ventura Blvd
            Woodland Hills, CA 91364-2008
            Phone: (818) 992-1284

            They have a sister restaurant just down the block, Little Brother Sushi that supposed to be good as well but I can't speak firsthand.

            For more casual Mexican options, I go to Poquito Mas on Ventura east of Canoga a lot, and there's a Mission Burrito thats decent on the corner of Canoga and Vanowen.

            1. Drive up Canoga to Ventura then drive along to either the above mentioned Gorikee (get the Wimpy Burger! if it's not on the menu, ask for it) Or head to la Frite for French.

              Kate mantilini isn't all that bad.

              Also near there is the newly redone Westfield mall (the more northern one..two malls right next to each other is so Confusing!) in which there is a Gyu kaki and a few other nice dining places.

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                The newly redone Topanga Plaza is a great idea, Diana, and I am not even the poster here!
                Their food court is a step up from most and very clean and pleasant. You dine on real plates and they are cleared for you when you are done. I have also had enjoyable lunches at The Farm downstairs. Considering everything that has been mentioned, I think the Westfield Mall is a really good choice.
                Gyu-Kaku is also a little different...since it is new-ish, I forget about it!

              2. Aside from Gorikee, you're near Roy's and Ruth's Chris for "nicer."

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                  I don't think Roy's is open for lunch. Might want to give them a call before going.

                2. Gorikee's for lunch is always a good choice if you and your friend like garlic. Lunch is a great deal.

                  Sushi: I would go to Little Brother's Sushi on Ventura Blvd.

                  Mexican sit down: Sol y Luna on Ventura past Winnetka (5 minutes drive)

                  La Frite: nice sit down French place, okay food, not superb

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                    La Frite was going to be my suggestion, or else there's always the slippery shrimp (and precious little else) at Yang Chow on Topanga Canyon.

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                      Yang Chow has a spicy soup (name eludes me) with won tons or dumplings that's very tasty. Only thing I've ever had there that would bring me back if dragged to that area for the malls etc!

                  2. Amaranta Cocina at the Westfield Topanga Mall. They just got a good write up in the LA Times today.



                    1. Okay, we ended up at Kate Mantilini and maybe I am completely spoiled... in the past week, I have eaten at Bin 8945, the Ritz in Pasadena, Joe's in Venice, and the Secret Beef Restaurant so fitting in a lunch with an old friend at Kate's was close to perfectly hideous.

                      My friend ordered a grilled chicken/pesto sandwich with a side of couscous and I opted for the Stilton, pear, walnut salad. My salad was slightly edible by WAY over dressed with much-too-much pepper ground on it. The Sidecar I ordered was pretty awful as well. I tasted a bite of my friend's sandwich and was surprised how thin and lifeless it was.

                      We ordered dessert -- not because we were hungry or anything, but because we wished to continue our cameradie for a bit; a slice of apple pie a la mode with rum sauce. A perfectly staid, soggy crust held the over-sweet apples and I think this pie was at least four days old. I might not have minded if my latte had arrived with the dessert so I could wash it down with something but it happened to have not been served for at least ten minutes.

                      Perfectly horrible restaurant, IMHO.

                      1. So you went to the place the board slammed and ignored the suggestions?


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                        1. re: Diana

                          I honestly had no choice.... I tried to suggest others to my friend but she *insisted* I would love it. That was part of why I asked for opinions - to make alternatives and see what the general consensus was, to no avail <sigh>

                          What can I say?