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Oct 25, 2007 06:00 PM


Going to Tulum for 3 nights...Any recomendations for good, authentic cuisine. HAve no car and would perfer moderate pricing. Any help would be appreciated!!

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  1. Where are you staying? Tulum is very spread out. The bus destination to the ruins is nowhere near the little hotels. The collectivo drop off on highway 307 is more than a mile from the ocean. The neat, small inns are south (right) of the police substation along the road to Punta Allen and go for several miles. That is the most beautiful part of Tulum. The road has been carefully rebuilt since the hurricane, but there are no American style guard rails and drop offs from the paved surface of 3-5 feet are commonplace. Casa Magna, the Pablo Escobar fortress being tastefully completed by two intrepid ladies, is half way to being one of the neatest places on earth. They kindly walked me through every inch (I knew the property in it's infancy). It needs six more months and another million dollars.
    In sum, good eats are available but transportation will be your exhausting challenge.