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Oct 25, 2007 05:37 PM

Fried Fatback? Cracklins?

I'm gonna be in town this weekend. Been on a damn diet for a month now and I've having serious pork fat withdrawels. Plan on making a trip to Cochon, but was wondering if there are any joints that serve fresh fried fatback? I can get fried fatback in NC & SC where I'm from... but I was figuring since I was splurging anyway, I'd check on 'em down there. How about cracklins? Any stands or markets that make fresh ones? Thanks.

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  1. sure don't - but if it helps cochon's boucherie plate had house made slim jims last week...OH they were good!

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      I love pork so much, I'd like to find a cologne that smells like fried bacon.

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        I know you're probably already gone, but the German Coast farmer's market on Saturdays from 8 to 12 in Destrehan has a regular pork cracklin vendor.

        Regarding fragrances, I haven't seen bacon, but Demeter makes an astonishing line of food-related colognes and room sprays, everything from sushi to mushrooms to strawberry ice cream. I'm wearing ginger ale right now. Whole Foods carries part of their line, as does Sephora:

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        The server also let me know that they had been "experimenting" with pork as a dessert topping. BTW, I had some of those slim jims as well, wish I had a jar of those on my desk.

      3. Cracklins are generally found west of the city. I am not aware of any place in New Orleans proper that cooks them fresh, aside from booths at various festivals. There are a few places in LaPlace, which may be the closest. Unfortunately those are not as good as what you can find between Baton Rouge and Lake Charles.

        haven't seen fried fatback anywhere.. pork belly is pretty commonplace though.

        1. If you make it to Baton Rouge try Ronnie's on Florida Blvd. There stuffed pork chops, andouille and tasso as well as their smoked boudin are all great. Take some home, you wont regret it.

          1. Thanks for the information guys. Especially the farmer's market idea. Unfortunately, I was already out of town by the time I saw it, but I'll be back down for a week at Christmas, so I'll see if I can't work on that. Thanks again.