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Lunching with a Vegan in Harvard Square

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Best options? I like Z-Square, but I've been there a lot. And obviously Bartley's isn't going to do it. Eliminate the chains from your answer. Ready, set, Chowhounders go!

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  1. Veggie Planet is a pretty good choice.

    1. OM, if you don't mind the high price tag.

      1. Veggie Planet is great for simple pizzas, salads and stirfry. I like the butternut squash pizza and the chips and salsa.
        Other options: Le's for Vietnamese, one of the Indian places, one of the myriad of average Thai places, or Darwin's or Hi-Rise for sandwiches.

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          In a similar vein, they could get a cheeseless pizza at Cambridge 1 (wow, veganism is one thing I sure don't understand).

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            Vietnamese and Thai would be likely to use fish sauce in a lot of veggie dishes, I would think. When I was a vegan, Veggie Planet was a mainstay.

          2. To what's been suggested already I'd add Dado Tea House - I think they have several vegan options on the menu.

            1. The recently re-tooled and re-packaged Rendang will probably have some vegan-friendly items.

              1. The safe bet is Veggie Planet, but I bet Legals (I actually think HS is one of the better ones) could pull something together.

                If you're going for dinner, I wouldn't be surprised if Tamarind Bay couldn't set you up either.

                Am I the only person when dining with a vegan to ask if they eat cheese? Every bloody time and then I feel like an idiot. Well, let me qualify that, only if she is wearing leather shoes.

                1. Was at Casablanca last night and my DC had the most amazing veggie entree. Squash stuffed with Quinoa on a bed of greens. There was some yogurt (tzatziki) on the plate, but am sure they could leave that out.

                  One of the best vegetarian dishes I have had outside of a Chinese restaurant.