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Oct 25, 2007 04:45 PM

taco trucks redux, II

So I hope nobody minds me cross-posting, but I wanted to make sure I got the Southern California chowhound input on this as well.

Right now I've got places I know about in Sacramento & environs, and have added many from Ruth Lefler's Oakland report - those that I've had locals verify are still extant - and I've had about two dozen recommendations for SF and southern CA. I'm currently adding about two dozen in LA but of course there are many in the valley and outlying areas that I don't know about (yet).

Please do come & visit, hit the digg link and let me know of your favorites that I've missed - I'm sure there are plenty!

I think that our own Jim Leff made a google map of street food in Salinas - I'll see if I can merge the taco trucks he has written up there into this map as well.


JLT, loyal chowhounder

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  1. FYI... the Salinas maps are by Melanie Wong.

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        thanks ns1. Got plenty of good ones in LA from that site. Hopefully I can find a similar resource for San Diego.