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Oct 25, 2007 04:17 PM

mixing mash

I have some yukon golds that have to be used (sprouts). But, I grudgingly gave my mom her food mill back, I don't have a mixer, and my potato masher is junk. My guest said she can bring her hand mixer though. Will a hand mixer with beaters cut it? Its hard to hide a disaster when your guest brought the tools for it. Would a food processor turn them to glue? BTW, none of my mash ever turns out good, so I don't make them often

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  1. I often use a handmixer for making big batches of mashed potatoes for the holidays or for lots of company. My secret to flavorful mash is to boil the potatoes with the skin on. When done, drain well, then using a folded towel and a knife, you can pull the skins off. Make sure your milk is warm. Put butter into a dry pan, then add potatoes. You can mash roughly with a big fork or whatever you have. Then add milk slowly, and turn the mixer on medium. Keep adding milk until you get nice, fluffy potatoes. Too much milk will ruin then. DO NOT use a food processor, I accidentally found it turns them gluey. another tip: always make mash when the potatoes are hot.

    1. For special occasions, we do 1/2 and 1/2 or heavy cream instead of milk. Add lots of butter, and you get rockin' mashed potatoes. Handmixer works fine. Hot potatoes might be the key. Yummm.....Thanksgiving yet??

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        Oh yes! I've thrown in some heavy cream when we have had some leftover. Very very scrummmy. I've tried making mashed taters after accidentally leaving the boiled potatoes out too long and they have cooled. Miserable results.