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Oct 25, 2007 03:57 PM

Help with Carlsbad restaurants

6 of us are going to Carlsbad the first weekend in November. We like good food (the cost isn't the determining factor) but also like to drink good wine. We are looking for the best restaurants in Carlsbad to which we can walk, as no one wants to be the designated driver or want to have to take a taxi. We will be staying in the Carlsbad Inn. Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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  1. we weill have a car and are willing to drive in the general area, just would prefer staying within Carlsbad proper. Thanks

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      thanks for the help so far, does anyone know anything about Dini's by the sea ?

    2. The West Steakhouse is pretty good.. in the Village there are two that are owned by the same people.. sorry I dont know the correct name.. you can google it.,. soemthing like Vigaluccis...they have a steak and an Italian place. We ate at the Italian which was very nice.

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        I second Vigilucci's. It's within walking distance from your hotel. Menu is online:

        Also, don't know if you like beer, but the Pizza Port is a great place to sample the local favorites, and it's walkable from your hotel, too.

      2. I can't think of a more mediocre restaurant than Vigilucci's, and I have unfortunately dined at most of his establishments. Nice ambiance but the food is just ok at best. I was dragged there last night after great protest on my part.

        I think food should be good and in a town where Italian is abundant it amazes me that people go there. The food is soulless.

        If you want good Italian near your hotel I would walk across the street to Jays. Less ambiance - the waitress won't have the Italian accent of the waiter at Vigalucci's, but superior food.

        Irish = Giblin's for a nice Irish pub and the food is alright.

        Seafood = Fish house Vera Cruz, very fresh fish, big selection, cooked over mesquite grill, not so great sides, ask for the fish to temp(rare-med rare)

        Mexican = Las Olas or Garcias both are pretty decent.Garcias is a heartier fare and Las Olas more beach mexican.

        Pizza = knockouts NY style or Pizza Port cali style. If you like beer Pizza Port is almost without peer.

        Steak = you have to hop in the car and drive a mile or two to West Steakhouse or a bit more casual at West Bistro. BOth are surprisingly good. You could walk there but it will take you a good twenty minutes or more, however the bulk of the walk would be on the coast. Do yourself a favor and drive past Vigilucci's steakhouse on your way to West.

        Yes I know another jab at one of the many lame VIgilucci restaurants. VIgilucci is like a magician (that is giving him too much credit) he creates the illusion of good food but there is no substance.

        All the places I have suggested are servicable and easily within walking distance.

        1. I tried 2 of the Vigilucci restaurants. The first one was because my sister had a good meal there and the 2nd one (at a different location) because I wanted to give it another chance. Someone needs to tell me what the big deal is because I was unimpressed by the meal and even more unimpressed with the service. I don't know if it has improved in the last year or so, because I've not given it a 3rd chance...

          I'm going to have to vote with Sean on this one...