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Oct 25, 2007 03:51 PM

Late Night Dining

I am looking for something open late tonight (after 11:30) where I can have some good food - something fairly upscale. I think Reposado - the new tequila place on Ossingting might be open but I am not sure what else. The Bar Menu at Hazelton might be open as well. Any other places with good upscale bar menus open later tonight?

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  1. Beer Bistro?

    Beer Bistro
    18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

    1. Perhaps one of the hotel bars... Avenue at the Four Seasons, The Roof at the Park Hyatt, possibly the Library Bar at the Royal York??

      Although if you do end up at Reposado, I'd love to hear what it's like...

      1. i don't think reposado has any real food - last time i was looking for impromptu dinner in my hood (i so wish foxley would do reservations!), i went in there and was told all they have to eat are cheese plate and other snacky things. the waiter said they have no plans to go with a fuller menu. i think it's only a bar.

        1. If you are looking for a restaurant to dine in rather than a bar, Michelle's in Yorkville claims to stay open until 2.00am. Flow, also in Yorkviille, keeps its kitchen open until around midnight but a reservation would be a good idea if you aim to arrive after 11.30pm. Flow has a bar downstairs but I don't think they serve food in that area though maybe they do. I've only been in the upstairs restaurant. Le Select also stays open until around midnight. If you find other places, please post, as we're always looking for restaurants for dinner after the opera - i.e. around 11.00pm.

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            This is a very tardy reply, but I am always interested in late-night eating options in Toronto since I too often go out to eat after the opera or ballet, and I'm dressed nicely and therefore I want a nicer ambiance and more upscale meal. Besides, I'm just a night owl! I can't tell you how many times I show up at restos around town, and am told the kitchen is closed!
            Besides the places you mentioned (Michelle's, Flow, Le Select), these are others I frequent -- not all are always guaranteed, so I've learned it's always best to call on the way over.

            - beerbistro -- mentioned before, but worth another mention. The bar area looks very casual but the restaurant part is nice.
            - All the hotels (and hotel bars) of course: One, Avenue. I sat down to a complete dinner at One one night this winter at 11 pm, and I think it was during the week.
            - Sassafraz -- I find the food here has vastly improved
            - Lee on King - will stay open if busy
            - Thuet on King - will stay open sometimes if busy or weekend
            - Sotto Sotto on Avenue Road -- often open late on weekends
            - Czehoski and Coca on Queen West (although does draw a bit of a young-ish crowd)
            - The Drake Hotel on Queen West
            - Barberians Steakhouse (Elm St near young) - they will try to accomodate you if they can - the staff there are fantastic
            - Trattoria Vatticano in Yorkville. They seem to be always open! The food isn't always exactly the level I would prefer (but I'm ultra-picky, I am sure for others it would be fine), but the staff there are lovely -- always welcoming.
            - The new Terroni on Adelaide (ex-Courthouse) may be open late on the weekends, and although the food is simple, it is delicious, plus great decor and dramatic ambiance
            - Biermarkt on the Esplanade stays open late but part of it morphs into a bar later, so although the restaurant area is separate, it can be a bit noisy

            - I have not tried these late on the weekend yet, but plan to -- I'm thinking that some of the restos in the Wellington St. area may stay open later if they're busy, such as Lucien or Six Steps.

            If I run into any new discoveries, I will post them here!