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Oct 25, 2007 03:47 PM

Denver-recs wanted, walking distance from Convention Center

I will be at a conference starting this weekend, staying a couple blocks from the convention center, sans car. I'd appreciate any suggestions for good places to eat (lunch/dinner only, no need for breakfast joints). I'm open to any type of cuisine, and all price points are welcome as long as the food is tasty.

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  1. the Palm in the Westin is always good, but you may be fighting baseball crowds this weekend >>>

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    1. re: kmarg

      If you are looking for steak places in addition to The Palm pretty much all the big chain steak places are downtown - I tend to like Capital Grill.

      There have been a several recent threads on dining near the convention center:

      1. re: ColoradoFun

        Thanks for the links--I searched 'Denver downtown' and didn't come across anything promising on the first page; looks like I should have searched 'convention center'! I'm guessing kmarq's right about steak places being hit hard with the Series in town, so I'll probably avoid them this trip.

    2. The original comment has been removed