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Oct 25, 2007 03:45 PM

Business Dinner

Have a few people from the pacific northwest in town next week. Big wine drinkers, and food lovers. Where within walking distance of 6 th ave would you suggest a nice, but farily casual atmosphere for a good business dinner? Or just a quick cab ride away?

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    on Ceasar Chavez downtown. Good wine selection, wonderful food and atmosphere.

    1. If margaritas can substitute for wine... Iron Cactus has good atmosphere and great margaritas.

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      1. re: jensterx

        I really don't like the food at Iron Cactus. I've had "prime" hamburgers there that were filled with gristle, meager and lousy taco salads, stinky shrimp, and over cooked flautas. Yuck.

        I'd recommmend Eddie V's or Vespaio, with the emphasis on Vespaio. Both places have excellent wine lists, but Vespaio has some of the best food in Austin. If you call ahead, you might be able to reserve the wine room at Vespaio, which would be great for a casual business dinner.

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          Perhaps my business dinner included a few too many of the margaritas? I don't recall the food being either stellar or horrible. We did enjoy the patio seats however.

          Eddie V's - while great food, I didn't think felt very "casual". The parmesan crusted sole was quite excellent. I haven't tried Vespaio yet -- but perhaps when my coworkers come to town next...

          Good to read the suggestions and reviews.

      2. If you want to get the business take them to Sugars Uptown Cabaret! They have wine, a full menu and naked women, what more could you ask for in a business dinner? (this does go on someone's expense account doesn't it) Short of that I would recommend Eddie V's, great atmosphere, great wine list and great location.

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          Uh, I'm a female and have absolutely no interest in Sugars, but thanks for the tip.

        2. Every place in Austin is casual.Even at most "business casual". Dunno' how much you are willing to stick your company for but downtown, within walking distane are some might good resturants. Trio in the Four Seasons that used to be the Cafe, upscale with a good pedigree although I have not been there since Pramb left. Dale Rice thinks the new chef is going to do well. The Driscoll, more formal, traditional a bit stuffy but good food. Up on the avenue, Trattoria, real informal but good food, Cibo's, Will Packwoods place that is quite good, informal and a decent wine selection. Eddie V' s in north Austin has served me some good food so I would expect the one downtown to be good as well. For fun walk over to Lambert's,a noisy hiigh enery place with meat, meat, meat. No wine list and limited bar stuff. Short ride away and, imho, one of the all round best in Austin, Vespaio. Great food, very good wine list and great bar service. After dinner you can walk up and down that end of Congress and let the Pacific Northwesterners get a feel for A-town. Finish off the night with a trip to the Saxon Pub or walk to the Continental Club right there on Congress.

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            All great suggestions and I too would do Vespaio and a walk around S. Congress. 6th Street is too seedy and college oriented. S. Congress has the perfect mix of smart casual.